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Community Features

iRedDead.com is much more than just a fan site about a video game. The website features users from quite literally all over the world, brought together by their love of Red Dead Redemption. That's why we've included a ton of community features with the website. Check them out below and get involved!

activity Recent Website Activity

Our Recent Website Activity will keep track of everything that registered members do on the website. Whether that be submit a news article, update a guide, post a blog or unlock an achievement. This is a great way to keep up to date with everything new that's going on with the website. You're also able to filter the recent website activity to view activity from certain categories too, and if you view a user's profile, you can view just their activity. Cool, eh?

forums New Forum Posts

Stay up to date with the latest forum going-on's with our New Forum Posts page. Here you can get links to the most 25 recently updated topics, making it even easier to jump straight in and reply to something that tickles your fancy.

affiliates Affiliates

It wouldn't be much of a community if we didn't share links with our fellow GTA and Rockstar Games fansites, or other friendly sites we'd like to be associated with. If you've finished reading all of the content on our site, why not visit one of our specifically chosen Affiliates and see what they have to offer. Users have the ability to upload and update their own affiliate buttons and links, so if you've got a GTA, Red Dead or Rockstar website which you'd like to affiliate with us, you're best off registering and submitting your request.

members Member List

It's a list of our Members. Obviously.

stats Website Stats

Check out some generic Stats about the website, such as the total number of page views we've had, the number of people currently online, the most we've ever had online at once, and various stats about our website content, such as the most viewed or highest rates guides/images etc...

polls Polls

Make your votes count! Check out our Polls and vote for whichever answer applies best to you. Or just be awkward and vote for something stupid.

online Who's Online?

Check out which members are currently Online browsing the website, and how long it's been since they last did anything. Default timeout period is 15 minutes.

chat Chat Room

If the forums are too slow for you, why not jump into our live Chat Room, which you can access directly through the website (JAVA Plugin Required), or connect through a third party IRC client. We'll regularly be running quizzes in the chat room with prizes for the winner so it's not something you want to miss!

facebook Facebook

We've got a page and a group on Facebook which, if you have a Facebook account, we strongly reccommend you join. We'll post website news and updates on Facebook and we may even have an exclusive competition or two for Facebook members.

twitter Twitter

We might as well jump on the bandwagon for this too,so follow our tweets and keep up to date with, quite frankly, information you didn't need to know. You've been warned.

youtube YouTube

We'll be adding plenty of videos to YouTube for the website, so we've got our own channel, to make it easier for you to browse them. Or something.