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help with tomahawk???

online skittlez asks...
Ok I bought red dead undead nightmare (disc) from gamestop and I installed it to my playstation and when I play the original red dead I cant find the tomahawk or explosive rifle when I load the game it says scanning for downloaded content and then it just keeps going. So when I look for the weapons I cant find them the tomahawk is not at manzati point (or however its spelled) and the explosive rifle I know the legends and killers pack and liars and cheats packs are installed because the trophies are available and I have no clue what to do I have reinstalled undead. oh btw I dont have online.

Official Admin Answer

online TreeFitty answers...
Official answer from Take2/Rockstar:
Using the standalone disc version of Undead Nightmare/DLC, you will not be able to access any of the new DLC weapons in the original Single Player campaign. This is because the weapon unlock is stored on the Undead Nightmare disc, and there would be no way to access this information with the original RDR disc in the console.

To access the new weapons and weapon challenges in the original Single Player RDR campaign, we recommend the downloadable versions of the packs. The Undead Nightmare Disc is intended to be a standalone experience, and although save files do transfer between both RDR discs, new content exclusive to the Undead Nightmare disc does not affect the gameplay experience while the original Red Dead Redemption disc is running.

In short, they are essentially two separate games and very little transfers between them. sad.gif Also a small note: Everyone sees the trophies; even if you don't have the DLC.

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