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Cheats etc

online Bigbadbeano asks...
I have not played the game for awhile and this week tried, and an update was requested. After DL the update, I ran into the headless zombie glitch. So I deleted everything but save game, and am trying to get going again. Somehow I had ALL of the cheats available to me, ones I had no idea what they did (Hitchcock, etc) but didn't use them. Now I have none. The one I am particularly interested in is the 1 shot 1 kill cheat which I have read come in regular RDR after Solomons Folly mission. How can I get this cheat for undead nightmare? Please help. very confused!

Official Admin Answer

online TreeFitty answers...

"You can enter the following cheat codes in the Cheats Menu under "Options". Enter the entire phrase given below to activate the cheat, punctuation included. Capitalization does not matter. Once a cheat is entered you may toggle them on/off from a master list."
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