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Red Dead Redemption 2 First Trailer

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Check out screencaps from each scene here and a breakdown of each below.

"Listen to me. When the time comes, you gotta run and don't look back. This is over."


  • A lone rider greets the sunrise in a hilly area. Draw distance is already looking good.
  • Elk are shown in a lush frontier.
  • Sheep on a farm with rats scurrying around in the foreground.
  • A smaller coyote hunts down a squirrel in the forest as sunlight streams through the trees.
  • Pelicans glide around a small, winding river valley. The same one from the elk scene.
  • A campfire lights up the trees under a starry night sky.
  • A rancher brings home a deer carcass on horseback as robins look on from a fence.
  • Two men enjoy a canoe ride as we pass along the shore. Notice something hanging in the tree?
  • Buffalo walk along the railroad as a train attempts to get by. Note smaller, younger buffalo are present.
  • Two well-to-do men (who look similar to Trevor and Michael btw) in a carriage pass in front of common folk at a general store. The dog appears to watch the carriage roll by.
  • A cowboy saddles up as cattle pass the barn.
  • Vultures take in a coyote carcass as a dog barks next to them. People go about their business as a burned-out building smokes in the background.
  • A horseback rider strolls over to a field of burning oil derricks.
  • Presumably the same person - possibly our protagonist - looks around at the flames.
  • A posse takes off into the fields looking ready for a fight ahead. Note the person all the way to the right (yellow shirt) appears to be a female. The person in the middle is the same from the previous scene with the burning derricks. Same horse too.
online TreeFittyactivity 969 Days Ago
Updated with quick breakdown.

And for anyone that cares, the trailer was captured on PS4. Sony/PlayStation have apparently partnered with R*/T2 for this game.
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