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Red Dead Redemption iMaps Now Available!

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If you've been a visitor on iGrandTheftAuto.com, you may have seen a feature on there called "iMaps". They are effectively maps of the various GTA games which let you click on them to place blips, give those blips a name and then save your map to our database so you can share it easily with others.

This has now been set up and working on iRedDead.com and you can start sharing various things you've found, or various locations you'd like to point out to your friends.

Head over to our Red Dead Redemption iMaps section where you can create a new map, or view the ones already saved to our database. You don't even need to be a website member to use this feature, although if you register we'll be able to track and display which members created each map.

There may be 'some' bugs with the iMaps as it's a pretty complex system, however I'll iron these out as soon as I'm made aware of them. You will require a javascript enabled browser to use it.

I hope you find it useful!
online astheniaactivity 2956 Days Ago
I hope this is a success, iMaps is a great system.
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