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Quick And Easy XP Glitch At Solomon's Folly

online Psyactivity 3318 Days Agowebsiteaffiliates 19059 Viewsforums 7 Comments
Introducing the first official iRedDead.com video. This one's a glitch which allows you to earn between 1000 and 1800 XP at the Solomon's Folly gang hideout in around 3 minutes. You can even do it without getting killed! Follow the video for full instructions but the basics of the glitch are:

  • Approach Solomon's Folly until the gang hideout mission starts and the enemies spawn
  • Turn around and sprint away on your horse to just before the third telegraph pole
  • Go far enough away so that the "You left Solomon's Folly" text appears, then turn around and sprint back to the farm area
  • All of the enemies have lost their AI and you can kill them easily without them shooting back. Get around a 20 kill streak!
  • Watch out for the crazy enemies who wander off into the desert.
  • The enemy reinforcements will shoot you, but there's only around 4 the first time then about 7 the second time which is easy enough.
  • 3 minutes later, up to 1800 XP. Power levelling here we come.
  • Please Note: Apparently this gang hideout is only available in the PS3 version of the game. Sorry XBoxers, but you're out of luck.

Here's one I made earlier....

online Irakuuactivity 3318 Days Ago
will this work in private match?
online Psyactivity 3317 Days Ago
Yeah, I only do it in private matches.
online Abbodonactivity 3316 Days Ago
Pikes Basin you can get 2000+ XP
online Psyactivity 3316 Days Ago
Yeah but it takes about 7 minutes and there's no glitch to stop you being shot.
online Abbodonactivity 3315 Days Ago
I suppose
online Abbodonactivity 3314 Days Ago
I just got over 2000xp on Solomon's Folly. (Roughly around the same amount as Pike's Basin) I got a 30-31 killstreak.
online RamzKillaactivity 3266 Days Ago
I been doing it alot over the last couple days the highest score I can get is 2240XP. That is with a 30 kill streak and finished by about 1:30-1:45. Just sucks that you have to delete the update and do it by yourself. sad.gif
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