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A new game means new ways to play! Red Dead Redemption 2 will definitely improve upon previous titles - and not just the RDR series. Here's a few things to expect.

Dead Eye

The signature feature of the Red Dead series is Dead Eye. At the click of a button the world slows down so you can paint your enemies with hits. Then hit the trigger and your character makes quick work of hitting each mark.

Dead-Eye in Red Dead Redemption


Revolvers are a given. Rifles, shotguns, and knives can be expected as well. More modern weapons such as Gatling and Maxim guns are very possible and who could forget good-ol' cannons? But if you want to have some fun, a lasso is usually good for laughs.

Rockstar Games has come to love using a weapon wheel in their games. It makes selecting weapons much easier than cycling through like games of old.

Weapon wheel in Red Dead Redemption

Wanted Level

We can't always be the good guy... When you have too much fun local law enforcement will ride in to set you straight [into the ground]. The larger your wanted level the more attention you'll seek. Hide out for a while until they give up the search.

Honor Level

Returning from Redemption, your notoriety in the game world is tracked and people will react accordingly. Higher honor will have citizens greet you when arriving in town. Lower honor will have them quietly exit the area and the tougher ones will try to make a name for themselves.


Previews have revealed that hunting will be more of a minigame and important for the survival of yourself and your gang. After taking down a large beast you have to drag it back to camp for food or a town to sell it off. The longer you take, the more the carcass rots. Using a bow and arrow will create a cleaner kill and increase your spoils.

Hauling a dead deer

Your gang also gets hungry. If there's no food they won't be in high spirits and not perform as well as you need them to.

The world around you

Red Dead Redemption 2 will likely include many other world features from the previous game including:
  • Duels - Settle disputes the old fashioned current way.
  • Bounties - Not-so-nice people are wanted by law enforcement. Take them in alive for big rewards.
  • Strangers - Secondary mission strings where you meet and help other people
  • Random Events - Encounters in the open world that may or may not be worth your while.
  • Animals - One of Red Dead Redemption's bigger features was the wildlife you could interact with.
  • Trading Posts - Sell or trade your animal furs for more useful items.
  • Games - Cards, horseshoes, dice and other games for extra cash and bragging rights - assuming you get out alive when they catch you cheating.
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