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There are many reasons why registering at iRedDead.com is a good idea. For one, you're at staring at this page now because you clearly share an interest in Red Dead Redemption. Whether that be because you need help with the game, or you want to read about other people's discoveries, or even share your own. We have a massive community with Grand Theft Auto/Red Dead Redemption fans from quite literally all over the world, so becoming a part of that community is interesting for both yourself, and the tens of thousands of other users on the website. If you register here, you'll also get an account for our main network site iGrandTheftAuto.com which has even more features than iRedDead.com!


The main reason for joining the website is so that you can contribute. Whether that's by chatting with other gamers on the forums, or submitting content for the website, including Guides, Reviews, Cheats & Tips, Screenshots, News Articles... And the list goes on.

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Our network of websites has been going for over 7 years and the number of people who have come and gone is in the hundreds of thousands, but plenty of people on the website return, and you may eventually discover that you live in the same town as someone you're chatting with. The GTA/Red Dead fanbase is that diverse!