High and Low Finance

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  • Complete within 5 minutes 45 seconds
  • Don't take any damage during the escape

High and Low Finance

The bank in Rhodes was passed over by the gang but Charles has found an easy way in. Uncle will tag along to help.

Rewards: $137.50

Note: This mission is only available to those with the Special or Ultimate Editions. It is only available near the end of Chapter 4. Find Charles at his tent to the right of the house.

Small job

In Shady Belle, Charles had bought plans to the Rhodes Bank and shows them to Arthur. Uncle gets upset at this since Arthur will only be dramatic about it. Getting back to the plans, the bank had some improvement work done but the bricks near the vault are weak. Arthur grabs explosives and the three of them head out.

Follow Charles. Uncle reminisces about the last bank robbery he went on with Arthur and Bill up near Canada. Arthur remembers Uncle was a bad lookout and they ended up in a burning barn. As for the current bank, Arthur says they should approach from the rear so no one sees them. Good idea. Charles finds a spot nearby for them to rest until it's dark enough.

Quick hit

Later in the night they grab the explosives and sneak over to the bank. A guard is at the back door but Arthur will deal with him. Silently take out the patrolman. He walks over to the side. Kill him how you wish and return to Charles and Uncle. With the guard out of the way follow Charles over to the wall. Pick up the spool and walk it out over to the detonator.

Charles finishes putting the dynamite on the wall and tells Arthur to blow it. Detonate the explosives. When the wall opens up climb inside the vault. There are three safes to loot. Arthur says they were damaged and they should be able to pry them open. The small one opens easily but the large ones need a little help. When you loot all three Uncle pops up to hurry them along.

All three exit and Charles calls for the horses. Run across the tracks, mount your horse, and get out of there. Eight mounted lawmen are on your tail. Escape them and head back towards Shady Belle. When you reach the meeting spot Arthur divides the loot and reminds Uncle to give the camp its share. They all split up.


Gold Tips

  • Put simply: Do not waste any time. Quickly get to the spot with Charles and follow all the other directions.
  • To quickly kill the guard, crouch and jog over to him for a stealth kill. Then jog back to Charles and over to the wall.
  • There are a few ways to escape. One is to grab your horse and run through the roads trying to lose the law. Sometimes Charles or Uncle will lag behind and the search area will continue to follow you. Another option is to head southeast on the train tracks as shown above in purple. Ride out for a bit (before the bridge) and then turn around to kill any lawmen still following you. You'll need to be quick before they fire at you so use Dead Eye. Then go to the yellow marker shown above (northeast of the destroyed church). Stop with the others right there and wait for the law to stop searching.
  • Note the horse you get in replays has poor stamina so keep an eye on it.