Icarus and Friends

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  • Keep the balloon at the correct altitude for the entire journey
  • Get 5 headshots from the balloon
  • Complete with at least 70% accuracy
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items

Icarus and Friends

Sadie and Arthur need to see if John is at the prison. A hot air balloon will take Arthur and the operator above to have a look. Hopefully no trouble is caused.


Rise to the occasion

Arthur meets Sadie in the tavern. He made it there so the Pinkertons must not be looking for them around St. Denis. She asks about Dutch. Arthur thinks whatever is going on with him started years ago and has been a slow decline. As for Sadie, she gathered everyone she could after the bank robbery. Lenny's body was stolen from the morgue so he could be buried next to Hosea.

Mount your horse and follow Sadie. They need to make sure John is still at the prison which is on an island. She found a man with a hot air balloon so they can scope it out from above. The man thinks they are getting lessons. Back to the gang, Karen and Strauss took it hard after the robbery but Swanson actually cleaned up a little bit. Sadie is glad everyone got back together. Sadie also mentions she has been hunting O'Driscolls who have found their way over here.

Arriving at the balloon Sadie calls out to Mr. Arturo Bullard who appears from the basket. He greets them both and gives Arthur his own goggles - who promptly tosses them. Arturo says Sadie isn't coming because flying does bad things to women's vapors. Arturo tells Arthur he's only crashed twice and to pull the rope. He says goodbye to Sadie. Follow the directions to ascend the balloon. There is a small yellow line around the button symbol which is the target altitude. You have a buffer on each side which is the acceptable range to be in.

Eye in the sky

During the rise Arturo mentions the bathroom policy. Get up into the clouds and the balloon begins to move east. Arturo says the balloon was imported from Europe and there are only a few in the Americas. Keep an eye on the target altitude since it will slowly decrease. The balloon leaves the clouds and offers great views of the city and surrounding countryside. Arturo talks about his family a little and how he prefers women in feminine attire unlike Sadie.

As they approach the island, Arturo points out Siskia Penitentiary and says they should stay away from it. Arthur wants to go in for a closer look to find his friend much against Arturo's wishes. Let the balloon lower down and the wind will stop. Arturo takes control and Arthur pulls out his binoculars.

Look around for John. There are three groups of prisoners below. You need to look at all three and find John in the last one. Zoom in to make sure it's really him. He'll be standing up. The guards spot the balloon and begin to shoot. Arthur grabs the rope so ascend above the prison. The wind picks up and takes them away.

Cinematics show the balloon moving along. With the bullets no longer zipping by Arturo stands up. He is upset that he wasn't informed of what they were doing. Too late now. They approach Annesburg and Arturo spots Sadie riding below. She's being chased by men on horseback. Arthur tells Arturo to get them close as he readies his weapon.

Struck down

Kill the O'Driscolls. There are four initially and groups of two to four appear all along the road to fill in for the ones you kill. There are 17 total. Sadie can get a few of them. Near Van Horn she gets onto the railroad tracks and the balloon continues above. Four more O'Driscolls come from under the balloon to the left. Arturo gets hit and falls over the side. Arthur grabs a rope and lowers it down for Sadie who is fighting them off.


Back in control, there is a bridge up ahead so raise the balloon over it. On the other side let it drop so Sadie can grab the rope. Keep it steady and she'll jump off her horse to it. Pull her up into the basket. With Sadie safe Arthur tries to raise the balloon but nothing happens. They lower down into the trees, skip across the water, and crash on the far shore of the Kamassa River.

Arthur and Sadie recover as more O'Driscolls approach from horseback across the river. Kill five of them and O'Driscolls appear from behind through the trees. There are 15 in a steady stream using the trees and rocks as cover. Keep shooting them and the last two will flee. Return to Sadie who gets berated by Arthur.

Sadie says the government caught Colm O'Driscoll and they are going to hang him in St. Denis. The gang is going to make sure he doesn't escape. Arthur says they have their own problems with the law. Dutch didn't want to get John so he probably doesn't want to get involved with Colm's situation. Sadie wants to rescue John before he meets a similar fate. The prison is secure but the fields he's working are not as much. She'll get a boat and meet Arthur at Copperhead Landing. Sadie rides off.

Gold Tips

  • There is no time objective so take it easy.
  • You have a little leeway with the balloon's altitude when you are put in control. Get to the required range and keep it there. You also have a chance to descend after the bridge when trying to lower down to Sadie.
  • Use quick Dead Eye bursts to conserve it. Aim for headshots during the balloon chase. Get at least five and then you can work on accuracy.
  • If you want to increase your accuracy count aim for non-lethal parts such as arms or torso.
  • There is plenty of cover on the ground for both you and the O'Driscolls.