That's Murfree Country

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  • Deliver Meredith to her mother within 2 minutes
  • Get 15 headshots
  • Complete with at least 85% accuracy
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items

That's Murfree Country

The Pinkertons know about Lakay so Arthur and Charles look for a new home up north. There's a place no one goes because the gang that lives there is among the most brutal around.

Rewards: Machete


Dutch is verbally playing chess behind the house in Lakay. He tells Arthur he is planning out their moves. The Pinkertons and Cornwall want them so they shall get them. Arthur gives up with Dutch's mindless thought process and lays some truth on him. Dutch finally breaks and says there is a place up north in Roanoke Ridge they can stay for a bit. Arthur and Charles will check it out. Dutch and Micah need to do some investigating of their own. He hasn't finalized a plan yet. He needs time and people he can trust. Arthur walks off.

Go talk to Charles near the other house. Arthur asks him to take a ride up past Butcher's Creek to find a new home. Charles says he had been scouting the area previously and accepts. Mount your horse and follow Charles. He says there are canoes nearby that will be quicker to get up there. Choose to take the canoes or ride the horses. Both follow a similar route and have similar discussions.

During the first part of the ride Arthur and Charles discuss the robbery and how they managed to get away. Strauss knew about Lakay. The locals stayed away from it. Arthur talks about Guarma and how Dutch seems to be losing his head. When you get to the bridge go to the right and get in the canoe if that was chosen. If riding horses then continue across the bridge.


Start paddling to Butcher's Creek. Charles says he met Rains Fall and Eagle Flies near there. Things on their reservation are bad. As for the area they are going, the Murfree Gang uses the caves as a hideout. Everyone fears them including the law. Great. Cinematics take you the rest of the way up.

Approaching Butcher's Creek, Arthur says the locals do not look too friendly. The Murfrees are worse. Get back on land and continue to follow Charles. Up the hill there are some horses. Charles says the locals shouldn't mind as long as they are back by morning. Continue to walk or grab a horse. Arthur can see why no one comes out this way. Charles mentions a stagecoach went missing recently. The cave is one of many the Murfrees use. They may also have lookouts around.


Cinematics take you the rest of the way up. Continue to follow Charles who says he met Rains Fall and Eagle Flies near here. Things on their reservation are bad. As for the area they are going, the Murfree Gang uses the caves as a hideout. Everyone fears them including the law. Charles mentions a stagecoach went missing recently. Great.

Cave raider

Up ahead they spot some people walking with torches. Charles wants to follow them and see where they go. Crouch down and follow Charles. Up a hill you catch up. Two Murfrees have a dead body on the ground and are arguing about skinning. Charles says to take one and he'll take the other. Do so in a quiet manner. A bow or throwing knife is the best option. You can take a machete from them if you want it.

When they are dead go with Charles to the next small hill. Both men look out at the cave with binoculars. Charles spots the missing stagecoach. Arthur wants to see what kind of people they are up against. The mutilated corpse doesn't say anything good. Charles asks if they should go in quietly or use dynamite. Your choice again. Note that if you go the quiet route, you can use guns and not alert the others until reaching the bottom of the cave.


Sneak towards the cave with Charles. As you get close someone comes out dragging a body. Charles tells you to take him out quietly. Deal with the Murfrees. Use a bow or sneak up for a stealth kill. Stay with Charles into the cave. Up ahead another is strangling a man. Kill him and keep moving ahead towards the right. There are two Murfrees picking at the ground below. If you kill the farthest one Charles will get the other in front. A bow or throwing knife is a good choice but you'll need to either get him through the wood fence or go around to the far right and drop down.

Around the next right are two more Murfrees up high but Charles will get them. After that there are four gathered together. No matter how you try to handle them, you'll be found out. Kill them however you wish. There are eight more Murfrees after that. Some will come to you and others will stay scattered in the remaining cave. Clear them all out.


Charles hands Arthur dynamite. Sneak towards the cave with him. As you get close someone comes out dragging a body. Charles tells you toss dynamite into the cave. Do so. Two are down so finish off the remaining Murfrees. Four of them run out of the cave. Kill them and move in. Six more come up so be ready and take them out. Keep moving towards the back of the cave and shoot the remaining six Murfrees. Clear them all out.

Doing some good

While killing the remaining Murfrees, you pass a girl in a cage. Once the cave is clear go to her and open the cage. You can try to calm her down first but the knife Arthur uses to cut the ropes doesn't help. With the cage open Arthur calms her finally. The girl says she is from Annesburg. Arthur will take her there and Charles will get the gang. Arthur and the woman get on his horse.

Ride to Annesburg as the sun rises through the trees. The girl - Meredith - can barely speak of the horrors she witnessed. Arriving in Annesburg Arthur escorts Meredith to her house up on the hill. Her mother is happy and grateful to have Meredith back. She offers Arthur some money. Accept or decline. They go inside and Arthur heads back down.



Arthur walks along the street and finds Mrs. Downes leading a gentleman into a house. Arthur calls out and she tells him to leave her alone before slamming the door on her... friend who thanks Arthur. Arthur keeps walking and takes his horse back to the cave. The gang is busy setting up camp. Dutch says Mr. Cornwall is buying a stake in the Annesburg mine. Himself and Micah will sniff around to see if their presence is known yet.

Molly O'Shea calls out to Dutch. She's drunk and Uncle says he found her in St. Denis. She rants at Dutch in the middle of everyone and says she told them. She told the Pinkertons about the bank robbery and wanted them to kill Dutch. Dutch pulls his gun but Arthur dissuades him. Molly tells Dutch she loved him and to shoot her.

Dutch boils but before he can raise his gun again Molly is shot by someone else. They look over and see Susan Grimshaw with a shotgun. Molly falls and Susan tells Arthur she knew the rules. Pearson and Bill are ordered to remove the body. Everyone else is to get back to work. Arthur walks off.

This completes Chapter V.

Arthur wakes up later to see Dutch standing alone at his tent. Karen - also drunk - can be found yelling at Susan. Karen says Molly was in love, not a traitor. She walks off as other male members of the gang slowly leave the area. If you talk to Bill he'll ask Arthur if Dutch is losing his mind. Possibly so. Micah was apparently running his mouth about Arthur saying things. Dutch will give a rallying speech to the gang promising that he and anyone who stays at his side will not be caught. He then goes into his tent.

Gold Tips

  • There is no overall time objective so take it easy.
  • You can use a gun and Dead Eye to headshot the first two Murfrees without issue.
  • It doesn't actually matter which method you choose for the cave. Even if you picked dynamite you can still stealth kill the first half. Using dynamite is a bad idea since that will take out two enemies you can headshot.
  • There are only 20 Murfrees total so you'll need to stay ahead of Charles to get the headshots.
  • Use quick Dead Eye bursts to conserve it. Try looting the first few bodies to find chewing tobacco or other items to restore it.
  • If you want to increase your accuracy count aim for non-lethal parts such as arms or torso. The Murfrees can take around 6 non-lethal hits to go down so you can really build up your accuracy if needed. Be very careful since the ones with the machete can kill you with one slice.
  • There is plenty of cover but the Murfrees are more offensive and run to you instead.
  • To get Meredith back quickly, follow the purple route above. You need to cut corners to make the time objective. Be careful of trees since the horses like ride into them. When you get down into Annesburg you can cut behind the southernmost building on that side of the tracks to save a little more time.