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A Strange Kindness

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  • Return the captive to his family within 1 minute 40 seconds
  • Get 5 headshots
  • Complete with at least 80% accuracy
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items

A Strange Kindness

Between the feds and feuds, Dutch and the gang can't stay around any longer. Arthur and Charles will search out a new location but there may be others already occupying the good spots.

Rewards: Gold Ingot, Loot

Moving on

Hosea is arguing with Dutch about how far east they are going. Not reasoning with Dutch, he walks off in a rage. Micah told Dutch about a place near Dewberry Creek so Arthur and Charles will scout it out. Mount your horse and ride to Dewberry Creek with Charles. Arthur fills him in on their objective. Charles asks when they'll stop moving around but Arthur doesn't know. The Pinkertons are better paid bounty hunters that won't give up.

Arriving in the area, it doesn't look good. Wide open and subject to water when it rains. Charles spots a body so go look at it. The vultures fly off and the body appears to have been shot. A camp is nearby. Arthur and Charles get ready for a fight. Walk over and investigate the camp. Two tents but no one around. At the end is a wagon. Search the crates next to it.

Mystery crew

Moving some items out of the way, Arthur and Charles are met with a woman and two children hiding under the wagon. The woman has a shotgun pointed at them. Convincing the trio to exit, the mother asks if they speak German. They do not. The daughter tells Arthur and Charles that their father was taken last night by unknown men. Arthur doesn't want to get involved but Charles insists they help them.

Mount your horse and follow Charles who tries to track the men. You can use Eagle Eye to follow the trail as well to assist him. Arthur tells Charles they are wanted men and have no time for this. They discuss other things going on too. Charles says John wants to go back to Valentine to get the money. Arthur knows that isn't a good idea. Eventually they come across a camp that appears deserted. Search the camp. It looks like a much better location for their own gang.

Thanks, Admiral

On the far side they find the missing man. Cut the captive settler loose. As Arthur removes his gag he begins yelling and shots ring out. It was a trap. Three attackers move in. Kill them and two more appear plus two on horseback. When they are dead the fight is over. Charles will loot the camp while Arthur frees the captive settler. Walk over to him and do so.

Arthur tells Charles to find Dutch and move their camp here. He agrees. Return the settler to his family. During the ride Arthur tries to get information from the man but he only speaks a few words of English. Translated: He's in the gold mining business and the gang members were trying to get ransom money.


Upon returning the settler his family is overjoyed. Arthur tells them to leave since it isn't safe and they comply. But first the settler - Andreas - pulls a gold bar from the wagon and gives it to Arthur as a thank you. The family rides off. Later on Dutch and the wagon train are riding into their new camp. He likes it and tells Grimshaw & Pearson to set up.

This completes Chapter II.

A few days later the camp is running again. Arthur is washing up by the water.

Gold Tips

  • There is no overall time objective so take it easy getting to the creek and finding the captive.
  • Use quick Dead Eye bursts to conserve it.
  • The gang camp has some cover to use while you line up headshots.
  • Follow a path marked in purple above to get the captive to his family as fast as possible. For the left, you can cut through some trees early on and need to look for breaks in stone walls when you near the road. For the right, cut a corner near the road. Also note Charles will take this path initially and you won't be able to pass him in the trees if he's in front.
  • Quickly gather the captive by grabbing your horse before or right after cutting him loose and going to him. Arthur tells Charles to go get Dutch and then the captive will follow you or hop on.
  • It is wise to walk the roads beforehand to see where to go and what corners you can cut.
  • Note the horse you get during replays has poor stamina. Make sure its core is full when you get to the gang camp. Feed it if needed. Conserve what you can during most of the run and then mash it when you leave the road. The horse will not slow until its core is drained. Short answer: drain the outer ring during the run, drain the core during the final stretch.
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This mission can glitch during replays and load the Dutch camp (tents, wagons) on top of the current gang camp. I assume it happens more when you are at the camp and try to replay the mission. Similar to the North Yankton glitch in GTAO.
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