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Preaching Forgiveness as He went

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  • Kill 10 Lemoyne Raiders with a long scoped rifle
  • Complete within 11 minutes and 30 seconds
  • Complete with at least 70% accuracy
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items

Preaching Forgiveness as He went

Lenny knows of arms dealers they can rob. The gang behind it is the same one that's been terrorizing the area so they probably won't go down easy.

Rewards: Bolt Action Rifle

Those people

Lenny has a lead and says there are people in the swamp that think the Civil War is still going. More to the point, they are weapons dealers sitting on cash. The gang could get money or weapons out of them. Arthur thinks it's worth a look. They are in Shady Belle.

Mount your horse and follow Lenny. Arthur thinks these dealers might be the Lemoyne Raiders. Lenny fills in Arthur about the people in these states. They treat Lenny a certain way. Arthur doesn't notice anything because he can't experience what Lenny does. On the upside, Lenny is more than happy to rob these types of people.

As they approach Lenny says it's an old rundown plantation past the battlefield. The dealers move between the church and the big house. Arthur tells Lenny they should plan their attack. They ride up to the church to look around. If you haven't been here before you can inspect the structure which will have Arthur note it in his journal with a drawing. They hear someone on the road nearby.

Powder keg

A wagon rides past with dynamite crates in the back. Arthur decides to see where it goes. Follow the wagon but don't get too close. It goes around a bend and Lenny spots the plantation house. Hide your horse in the trees to investigate on foot. Lenny tells Arthur to bring his sighted rifle. Get into cover at the wall and Lenny will go to the other side.

Use the rifle to look around. Arthur spots the Lemoyne Raiders. They have plenty of fire power including dynamite and a Gatling gun on the balcony of the house. Arthur thinks they can take it. Either they go straight in by shooting the dynamite or Lenny can be a distraction to pull them to one spot. Choose how you want to proceed. If Lenny goes he'll put on a small show. He can only distract them for so long.

Whichever you choose, the fight is on. The remaining Lemoyne Raiders take cover behind various things. More pour out of the house. As you take them out more appear from the rear of the property. One will take on the Gatling gun so be ready. A crate of dynamite is next to him if you want to go that route. There are other crates around the area. Try not to stay in one spot too long or else a few will flank you. There are around 20 raiders total.


Lenny's loot

When you wipe them out Lenny says they need to grab something before backup arrives. Search the area to the right of the house for weapons. Finding a wagon, jump on the back and look in the crate. Brand new rifles and plenty of dynamite. They'll take the whole thing back to camp. Get on the wagon and drive to Clemens Point. Lenny wants to hurry.

While attempting to leave three raiders ride up. They want to know why Lenny is coming from their camp. Diffuse or Antagonize them. No matter what they won't like Arthur's response. Put down the Lemoyne Raiders and continue to camp. Lenny is glad he has something to give the gang. Arthur tells him not to worry about other people. The higher ups know he contributes. Back at camp Arthur inspects the rifles more. He's going to keep one for himself. Lenny is good in his book.

Gold Tips

  • The first parts traveling around are constrained to Lenny and the wagon's pace. Move as quickly as you can.
  • Quickly ditch your horse and get in position at the wall. Start shooting. Do not wait.
  • Quickly take down the Lemoyne Raiders. There is no headshot objective but it helps with speed.
  • Use Dead Eye bursts to conserve it.
  • If you want to increase your accuracy count hit the arms or torso. Scoped rifles are typically one shot to kill no matter what you hit.
  • When you have at least 10 killed with the scoped rifle you can switch to something else if you want. A few more won't hurt.
  • There is plenty of cover for both you and the raiders.
  • Dynamite crates can be found in a few places if needed.
  • When you knock down most of them try to move up towards the wagon on the right. When all the raiders are dead go over and jump on top. After Arthur inspects the cargo quickly get back on to drive.
  • Do not talk to the raiders that stop the wagon. Shoot them as quickly as possible and keep moving.
  • The roads wind around a lot so cut whatever corners you can.
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