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Magicians for Sport

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  • Inspect all the clues in Trelawny's Caravan
  • While tracking, stay within 30 feet of Trelawny's trail
  • Kill 2 Bounty Hunters in the cornfields within 1 minute
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items

Magicians for Sport

Arthur and Charles will get more information from Josiah Trelawny about the bounty hunters he mentioned. Assuming they didn't get him first.

Rewards: Rare Rolling Block Rifle, loot

No sweat

Dutch isn't really worried about the bounty hunters that Trelawny said are after them. He wants Arthur and Charles to visit him and find out more information. Go see Charles to have him come with you and then mount your horse. With Charles in tow ride out to Trelawny's location at the north end of Rhodes. During the ride they discuss the current situation.

Arriving at the camp, go to Trelawny's caravan. It's wide open and appears to have been ransacked. Search inside for clues. Use Eagle Eye if needed. There is food left out and the bed is a mess. The bath tub has blood in it. Definitely a struggle. You may also find a blank stock note from a gold company. Out back Charles finds tracks. Mount your horse and use Eagle Eye to see the trail.

On the hunt

The trail leads into some woods. Talk to the men camping out. Arthur describes Trelawny but the men haven't seen him. Charles finds Trelawny's cane in the dirt. The men begin to fight. Charles has one and you have the other. Beat down the bounty hunter and then go over to interrogate the other one Charles has. Question or beat him. More beat. He reveals Trelawny was taken to a cabin by the cornfields near Braithwaite Manor. Release or continue to beat him.

Follow Charles. They discuss Trelawny and how he's more loyal than disloyal. Lucky and unlucky. Arthur doesn't think he would rat them out. Arriving at the cabin two men escort a bludgeoned Trelawny out. Arthur and Charles stick them up and they run. Charles chases. Trelawny tells Arthur to go get them. The men run into the cornfield.

Hide and seek

Find and kill the bounty hunters. There are two of them hiding among the corn stalks in the eastern sections. Look for birds flying away or listen for them making noise. When you get close they'll move around. Charles will help if he sees them and can kill them. After getting two Charles will find the bag of the third in the western row at the north section. Keep looking and he'll lasso Arthur's neck. Charles comes over and uses a throwing knife to take him down.

As Arthur gets his voice back shots ring out. There are two more bounty hunters at the barn. Shoot one and the other runs inside. Take down the final hunter and then return to Trelawny. The bounty hunter inside the barn has a Rare Rolling Block Rifle if you want it. Back at the cabin Trelawny says he didn't tell them much. Said he was looking for work at the University. Charles will take him back to camp. Arthur will catch up.

Later, Arthur is writing in his journal. This is too much civilization for him. He wants to get back to the West. Back to freedom.

Gold Tips

  • There is no overall time objective so take it easy outside of the cornfield part.
  • Inspect all three clues in the caravan: food, bed, bath
  • Use Eagle Eye and follow the trail. Easy.
  • Beat down the bounty hunter at the tent as quickly as possible to avoid losing health. Hit, grapple to the ground, and hit more until he's dead.
  • The first two bounty hunters in the corn field are in the eastern sections. Run through the middle to flush them out. When you see one, go to them. You cannot shoot through the corn.
  • It is possible to shoot and kill one of the bounty hunters from the cabin. As soon as the cutscene ends Arthur will default to his pistol. Use Dead Eye and pick one of the men running. Plant as many shots as possible, as quickly as possible. Next roam the side the other one went into to flush him out.
  • If Charles kills the second one in time it will count.
  • Note the third bounty hunter is random (bag is always same location) and is unavoidable.
  • Take down the last two bounty hunters at the barn as quickly as possible to avoid losing health. After killing one, the other will run inside where there is cover.
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There is a cheat code in the drawer inside the cabin: "A SIMPLE LIFE, A BEAUTIFUL DEATH"
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