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The Battle of Shady Belle

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  • Kill all the Lemoyne Raiders in Shady Belle
  • Clear two bodies from Shady Belle within 1 minute 40 seconds
  • Complete within 11 minutes

The Battle of Shady Belle

With Jack gone and the local families now at war with the gang, what else could go wrong? No matter what they need to find a new location.

Rewards: Loot

Everyone hates Dutch

Dutch consoles John who is worried about Jack - and the lives of the gang if Abigail doesn't get him back. The gang says they'll get him. As they talk, some unfortunately familiar faces arrive in camp: Pinkerton agents Milton and Ross. Milton goes on another rant about savages and civilization. Dutch says there is no civilization here. Milton cuts to the chase and offers a deal. If Dutch turns himself in, the others will have three days to run off and never cause trouble again. Dutch puts his hands up but the others ready their weapons. They are a family. They will die for each other.

Milton tells them he'll be back with 50 men so they better run. The agents walk away. Dutch tells Arthur they need to leave quickly. Arthur knows of the small mansion in Shady Belle himself and Lenny shot up. It should buy them a few days. John and Arthur will check it out for anyone left. Lenny will make sure the agents leave. Everyone else is ordered to start packing.

Mount your horse and go to Shady Belle. John is upset that they have to run again - on top of Jack missing plus Sean and the others dying. Dutch and Hosea did it again. Arthur says it isn't completely on Dutch. John needs to calm down a little.


Fixer upper

Upon entering the property, John comments that it's a step up. They'll leave their horses near the bridge and walk it in. Dismount and go to the house. A Lemoyne Raider pops up on the porch. Take him out and search inside for any more stragglers. John will keep an eye on the outside. Inside the doorways on the left are blocked. Move around to the right. In the back room a Lemoyne Raider is hiding. He tries to shoot but his gun jams. Shoot him first.

The downstairs is clear so go up. If you are quick you'll see a Lemoyne Raider running up the stairs. Kill him if you can or let him go. As you come up the stairs you may notice one to the left through a wall. Kill him or leave him for later. In the room to the right a Lemoyne Raider is laying on the bed. He casually gets up and runs his mouth so remove his jaw - or let him walk out. In the next room a Lemoyne Raider with some pep in his step is waiting. This is the one from the stairs. Shoot him. Go to the corner table to find a cigarette card. If you didn't get the one in the final room, go take him out. Check the room for items to loot.

The building is clear so go downstairs to meet John. He wants help removing the bodies before the others see them. Pick up the dead body and follow John. He goes out to the swamp and tosses his in the water. Do the same. Arthur tells John to go get the gang and lead them in. He'll get the rest of the bodies. Go back inside the house and take out one more.

Visions of the future

Later on the gang arrives to an Arthur welcome. Dutch loves it and tells Grimshaw and Pearson to work their magic. Dutch wants to take a ride with Arthur. Molly comes over to talk to Dutch but he brushes her off. Follow Dutch. He tells Arthur he has more important things going on than Molly O'Shea. They are riding to St. Denis to take a look around. Arthur will need get leads about Angelo Bronte.

As for the Pinkertons, Dutch thinks they got away but he wants to put an ocean between them - literally. After everything that just happened, he's beginning to give up the idea of a paradise in the west. He's not sure if they are going to leave the country. First they need more money and to get Jack. Arriving at St. Denis they look upon the modern world. A large, smoke filled city. Dutch and Arthur split up.

This completes Chapter III.

Arthur is left in St. Denis and you are free to explore.

Gold Tips

  • Follow the train tracks as shown in purple above to get to Shady Belle as quickly as possible.
  • The horse given in replays has poor stamina so keep an eye on it.
  • There is no headshot or accuracy objective but take out the raiders as quickly as possible.
  • There are five Lemoyne Raiders at the house. Two downstairs (one out, one in) and three up.
  • When you enter the house, go to the back room and kill the first raider. Then quickly turn left and try to get the one running up the stairs. You can also run to the stairs and try to get him before he reaches the top. This is useful for later when you need to take the extra body out to the swamp.
  • Quickly pick up the body and run to the swamp ahead of John. Then run back inside to grab the next and repeat. Get right to the edge of the wood planks when you drop or else the body might not make it in.
  • Do not waste any time riding with Dutch.
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