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Blood Feuds, Ancient and Modern

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  • Headshot Gareth and Gerald Braithwaite
  • Get 20 headshots
  • Complete with at least 85% accuracy
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items

Blood Feuds, Ancient and Modern

Jack has gone missing and it appears the Braithwaites have him. Dutch grabs his army and launches a rescue mission to retrieve the boy at any cost.


Toy soldiers

Back at camp, the gang is looking for Jack who is nowhere to be found. Hosea says he might be with the Braithwaites. Abigail pleads with Dutch to get him back. Dutch rallies the troops. Micah and Kieran will keep guard here. Everyone else mounts up. Follow Dutch. Hosea thinks the Braithwaites might be onto them. Arthur mentions the fight they just had with the Grays. All of this over gold that Hosea says doesn't seem to exist. Wonderful job.

Outside the main entrance, dismount and go to Dutch. When everyone is ready he leads the way to the mansion. Follow him. The gang forms a line and moves forward. Three Braithwaite guards exit the mansion and meet them in the courtyard. Glazing over the gang's actions, Dutch tells them to handover Jack. The Braithwaites tell them to leave as more guards exit the mansion. Dutch doesn't play games.

Red house

The shooting starts. Take out the guards. They are on both levels of the mansion. When they are all dead Dutch takes Arthur, John, and Hosea inside. He opens the doors and tells them to find Jack and Catherine. Search the rooms on the left. John goes right. Dutch and Hosea go upstairs. The front room is empty but in the back is a guard. Kill him. Dutch and Hosea find a barricaded room upstairs so go to them.


As you approach the duo, shots break through the door from the inside. Out the front doors more guards are seen coming down the driveway. Dutch and Hosea have the room covered so go out onto the balcony. Shoot the guards. Three are on horseback and two wagons have five guards on them each. Take out most of them and 10 additional guards on foot approach from the fields to the right. When most of them are dead the last two will flee.

Back to the hostage situation, help John break down the outside door. They push through and are met with two Braithwaite boys - Gareth and Gerald. Arthur enters Dead Eye so pick your targets and shoot. When they are down Dutch and Hosea get through the other door. Dutch kicks in one more door and grabs Catherine who is hiding inside. She refuses to cooperate about Jack. Dutch killed her sons - and he will kill the rest.

Burning bridges

Dutch drags Catherine down the stairs. Jack is nowhere to be found so he decides to burn the place down. Hosea and John get fires going and Dutch brings Catherine outside. He dumps her in the courtyard as the fires spread. As Hosea presses her about Jack, Catherine reiterates all the things they stole from her. Eventually she reveals that Angelo Bronte has him. Jack is either in St. Denis or on a boat to Italy. With that information, the gang walks off leaving Catherine to watch her mansion burn.

This mission leads directly into The Battle of Shady Belle.

Gold Tips

  • There is no time objective but you still need to be quick to get the headshots before your gang gets them.
  • If you do not have a good amount of Dead Eye you will struggle to get all the headshots.
  • Use quick Dead Eye bursts to conserve it. There are items around the mansion but are unable to be looted (possibly a bug).
  • There are around 35 enemies to headshot. They use all kinds of cover including the trees on the side.
  • If you want to increase your accuracy aim for non-lethal parts such as arms or torso. It can also help to draw enemies out of cover.
  • Use the small wagon in front of Arthur as cover for the first gunfight. You'll need to move around to get all of them, though. There is very little cover for him elsewhere especially on the balcony. Use the columns best you can and work quickly to headshot the enemies below. Go for the sides first since they have good shots.
  • Gareth and Gerald are the ones inside the upstairs room. Target both of them in a single Dead Eye shot or else John will get one.
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