A Rage Unleashed

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  • Knock out 2 soldiers on the boat
  • Round up the horses and reach shore within 1 minute 30 seconds

A Rage Unleashed

Eagle Flies says his people's horses were stolen by the Army. Dutch will help get them back. Arthur and Charles will assist.

Rewards: None


Arthur talks with a more cleaned up Reverend Swanson. Before they get too far Dutch needs to speak with Arthur. At Arthur's tent Dutch says they are going north to New York. From there they can finally go to Tahiti or another tropical paradise. But first they need to make a huge smoke screen so they can slip away. One more score and they are out. Arthur says they aren't good at scores anymore but before he can elaborate Charles comes over with Eagle Flies. Javier and Karen provide escort.

Arthur introduces Eagle Flies to Dutch who waves off the escort. Eagle Flies says their situation is getting worse. The soldiers from Fort Wallace took their horses. Colonel Favours is a liar and murderer. Without horses they cannot hunt and will starve. He has money if Dutch can help. Dutch tells him to put the money away and asks Charles his opinion. Charles promised Rains Fall that he will not fight over horses. Dutch didn't so he'll do it. They walk off. Charles and Arthur tag along to make sure things don't get out of hand.

Mount your horse and follow Eagle Flies. He says the horses are on a boat near Van Horn. A man with canoes is waiting for them. Dutch wants to hear about Colonel Favours. Eagle Flies says he is a vile man. Young Natives and many women were shipped off to reform schools. The elders left are old or sick but medical supplies are cut off. Dutch vows to end it today.

Arthur questions Dutch's motive for getting involved. Long story short: it's the distraction they need. A fight between the Army and Natives will take attention away from them. Cornwall is dead so the Pinkertons will need to investigate other things. Cornwall was also involved with the Army according to the papers Micah got. Dutch had a hidden chest outside of Shady Belle and says they are close to what they need to get out. One more score will do it. He has a plan.


Arriving at the shore, Eagle Flies finds the canoes with Paytah who says the boat is still moored out in the channel. When it's dark enough they shove off. Paddle to the boat and get alongside where Eagle Flies is. Everyone climbs up. Eagle Flies tells Arthur to try and not kill anyone.

Sneak around and quietly knockout the soldiers. There are seven of them. The first is next to you. Easy. Two are in the stable area in the middle with one above next to the wheelhouse. Whichever of those three you choose, your fellow gang members will take out the others. The last three are at the bow playing cards so you'll need to break the silence and deal with a few guns.

When they are all dealt with go to the anchor and release it. Arthur has no idea how it works so plant dynamite on it instead. Arthur lights the fuse and stands back. Once it blows Dutch gets the boat moving. Not having proper boating experience himself, he goes full steam ahead and crashes into some rocks. The boat lists and begins taking on water. Eagle Flies and Arthur get the horses loose into the water. The men follow behind them.


Once in the water the horses move around in circles lost. Eagle Flies tells Arthur to round up three of them and he'll get the rest. Mount a horse and lead it to shore. The other two will follow. Dutch and Charles each grab a horse too. Once on shore go over to the others. Eagle Flies asks for help getting the horses back to the reservation. Dutch pokes fun at Arthur and volunteers to help. They can scout Fort Wallace too.

Arthur doesn't think it's a good idea to fight the Army. Dutch changes the subject and tells him Sadie mentioned about Colm getting arrested and to meet at the Doyle's Tavern in St. Denis. When that's done he can come over to Fort Wallace. Charles tries to reason with Eagle Flies but gets a similar result. Dutch and Eagle Flies ride off. Charles asks Arthur to speak with Rains Fall. Accept or decline to help. Arthur tells Charles to head back to camp. Dutch's behavior is... different. Charles understands. He rides off.

Gold Tips

  • There is no overall time objective so take it easy getting to the boat and dealing with the soldiers.
  • Easiest method with the soldiers is to kill the first one at the stern then climb up to the wheelhouse and kill that one. When the soldiers below are taken out, Enter Dead Eye and take out the three on the bow in one shot. If you don't have Dead Eye it is still a good location to shoot all three from.
  • The highlighted horses should be directly ahead of you in the water. Quickly swim to the nearest one and get on. Make your way to the shore as fast as you can. The other two will follow. Keep an eye on your horse's stamina since it will drain quickly in the water.
  • On the shore get to the highlighted area as quickly as you can.