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Let No Man Put Asunder

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Let No Man Put Asunder

An old woman has been waiting a long time for her fiancé to show up at their wedding.

Rewards: Up to +100 Fame

Part 1

Speak to a woman (Alma) in some ruins on the road to Coot's Chapel. She's upset because her man, Peter, hasn't shown up for their wedding. She thinks he may be talking with musicians at the Armadillo Saloon and begs to know what has happened to him.

Head over to the Armadillo Saloon and talk to the musician sitting at a table. He says you shouldn't be after Peter Turner but won't say why. When asked of Peter's whereabouts, the musician needs some stimulation for his memories. Either pay him $5 or convince his wife, Rose, to come back to him.


  • Paying the musician $5 is the easiest choice but only gives +15 Honor at the end of the mission.
  • Rose can be found in the freight station across the street. Upon approaching her it becomes obvious she isn't going back. You now have another choice to hogtie or threaten her.
    • Hogtie is the optimal choice. Once she's tied up drop her at the musician.
    • Threatening Rose by aiming a gun at her will yield -100 Honor (gained back at the mission's end)

Once the musician's demands have been satisfied, he says Peter was in the saloon every night. His fate is what happens to all of us and that he's probably out in Odd Fellow's Rest.

Ride over to Odd Fellow's Rest to find Peter's grave. It says he died from a blow to the head in 1894 - about 20 years ago. This stranger mission is now complete.


  • After talking with Alma, head to the Armadillo Saloon and speak with the musician.
  • When given the first choice go for Rose.
  • Hogtie Rose and bring her to the musician.
  • Ride to Odd Fellow's Rest.
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