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Remember My Family

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Remember My Family

The story isn't over until the credits roll. There's some unfinished business to attend to.

Rewards: Up to +$410, +50 Fame, +15 Honor, End Credits

NOTE: This stranger mission is only available after "The Last Enemy That Shall Be Destroyed". It is the actual ending of the story.

Part 1

Speak to a man at the Blackwater Train Station. He is questioned if he is a government agent to which the man says yes. Further investigation reveals that he did not work with Edgar Ross but heard plenty about him. Edgar received many medals and retired to a cabin on Lake Don Julio with his wife. Lucky guy.

Get to the cabin on the lake (you might remember it from the first Irish mission) and speak to Edgar's wife. Thinking Jack has a letter from the Bureau, she wishes the agency would leave her husband alone before he dies of worry - since he's so sensitive. She goes on to say that her husband is out hunting in Mexico with his brother Phillip.


Get to the Ross brothers' camp near Rio Del Toro along the river. A man is found alone prepping his gun. He says hunting has been going well and that he is Edgar's brother. Phillip says that Edgar is downriver. The "letter" must be very important if Jack has come all this way. Jack says that it is and that he'll be heading back home as soon as it is delivered.

Down river Edgar is shooting ducks with a shotgun. He wonders if he knows Jack. Jack says he's John Marston's son and that he's come for Edgar. Ross laughs and says John killed himself with the life he lived. Jack insists that Edgar did it. Edgar tells Jack to leave before he kills him too - and that's the last straw.

Jack says he isn't going anywhere and the two take position to duel. By now you probably have taken part in a few duels and know how they work. Simply paint his head with marks and you should win easily. More dueling tips here. You must kill Edgar or else he will kill you.

When Edgar is no longer alive, sit back and watch the credits. The story of Red Dead Redemption is now complete. Afterwards loot Edgar's body to obtain over $400 in cash.


  • Note: As stated at the top of this guide, this stranger mission is only available after "The Last Enemy That Shall Be Destroyed".
  • For the first portions simply talk to the contact and move on.
  • For the last portion you need to win the duel with Edgar Ross. Wait for Edgar to draw first and then paint his head with marks. Fill your meter higher than his to win.
  • After winning the duel, sit back and enjoy the credits.
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