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Water and Honesty

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Water and Honesty

A man wishes to obtain land with a supposed water spring under it and needs help persuading the owner.

Rewards: up to +$20, +50 Fame, up to +15 Honor

Part 1

Speak to a man (McAllister) at a campsite on the west edge of Hennigan's Stead. After inviting you in to rest, he explains that he's looking for water springs that are needed for a ranch - none of that fancy irrigation equipment from the east. He has his trusty dowsing stick and thinks he found water under the old Pleasance House but had the law threatened on him by the property owner. McAllister would like help talking to the old man and have him sell the property.


Head over to Pleasance House which is northwest of Armadillo. After approaching the cabin the owner (Clyde) quickly trades his broom for a gun to ward off who he thinks is a robber. He calms down with some talk and wonders why this land is wanted since it's too dry for farming (maybe McAllister's dowsing stick is busted...). Clyde will sell the property for $200 so he can buy a place in Blackwater.

Give Clyde $200 for the deed or take it by force (kill or hogtie). If you do not have enough money he will tell you to come back. Paying Clyde goes easy with Clyde saying good luck while handing over the deed. Using force will result in losing 100 Honor and Clyde's body will need to be looted to obtain the deed. With the deed in hand, head back to McAllister at his campsite.

McAllister takes the deed and looks it over. If you paid Clyde for it, McAllister will give you $220. He likes when transactions go smoothly. If you forced Clyde, McAllister comments how the deed is bloody and that the man has a son in Blackwater so this sale should stay quiet. He'll only give you $15.


  • This stranger mission is simple.
  • Pay Clyde the $200 and return the deed to McAllister for the most reward.
  • Note: After completing the mission, it is possible to obtain the Pleasance House as your own safehouse by killing McAllister (-30 Honor) and looting the deed from his body.
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