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A Short Walk in a Pretty Town

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  • Kill 3 Lawmen in Dead Eye while saving Bill
  • Complete using only sidearms
  • Complete within 4 minutes 30 seconds
  • Get 20 headshots
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items

A Short Walk in a Pretty Town

There is plenty of work to be done in Rhodes. A meeting with Sheriff Gray should fill them in on all they need to know. Maybe it's not the kind of work the gang had in mind.


Red slip

Bill, Micah, and Sean are waiting at the bank in Rhodes. They are going to talk to the Grays at the saloon about the security work Bill had mentioned. Arthur says they are being used by both sides but Bill is optimistic. As they get to the end of the street something doesn't feel right. As Sean begins to reply his head explodes from a bullet. The men take shots and kill a few of the men ambushing them but more are coming. They take cover including Arthur.

Back in control, take out the ambushers. One is directly in front of you and one comes around the far side of the Doctor office. Two are on the roof of the office. As you kill them more appear from the general store end of the street running up and others are on the balcony of the hotel. One rides in on a horse from the saloon area plus a few on foot. Wipe them all out.


The fight turns towards the other end of the street. Ambushers come from the bank and alleys. A few are in the gun store which you are told to clear out. One is waiting near the rear of the store to the left and another comes from behind. Micah will get the one from behind if you don't. Kick in the rear door to clear out the others. One comes around the corner so be ready. A second one from the porch may run through if you didn't get him already. At the front are two more. Micah will burst in the front door and assist. Outside, the ambushers announce Arthur and Micah's location. Take cover as bullets begin to fly in.

Multiple ambushers are across the street at the general store and the alley to right. High and low. Two ride through on horseback. Kill the ones on foot and another wave takes their place. If you are in the store too long a few ambushers will run up to flush you out. Make sure they drop at the first step. When most of them are dead the last two will flee. Sheriff Gray should still be around. They need to find Bill too.

Mopping up

Follow Micah to the Sheriff's Office. He yells for Sheriff Gray who is holed up inside. He says they knew something was up with Dutch and his friends. They'll kill them if they have to. The Grays run this town. With Micah antagonizing him, Gray comes out. He has Bill hostage with three other deputies.

After a short standoff Micah points his guns and Arthur enters Dead Eye. Pick your targets and kill the Grays. When they are all dead Arthur goes over to Sean's body. He's saddened by the loss but Micah has no words of mourning. He lambastes Arthur who puts Sean over his shoulder to take him away. Micah has only been with the gang six months but has seen enough of Arthur. Bill will take Sean's body and bury it somewhere. Arthur and Micah will not speak for a bit. They all split up.

Arthur writes in his journal later about Sean. He was like an annoying little brother. They are making quite a mess of things. The game will tell you that Rhodes is on lockdown.

Gold Tips

  • You need to be quick throughout the gunfight.
  • There isn't much cover since the ambushers are all over but do your best.
  • You can use pistols or the Sawed-Off Shotgun. Pistols are optimal. There is a bug where the game will default to the shotgun for the final duel - even if you have no ammo left for it. The game gives you 6 rounds to allow it to fire. It only fires two shots at a time. Switch it out before doing this mission. Replays are stuck with it.
  • If you do not have a good amount of Dead Eye you will struggle to get all the headshots.
  • Use Dead Eye bursts to conserve it. There are around 30 enemies to headshot. Of course Bill and Micah will be assisting so you need to stay ahead of them. This includes the ones in the gun store. You can get them all before Micah does.
  • There is no accuracy objective but you'll need to be quick for the time objective and to save your health. Replays only give 30 bullets for the pistol.
  • Loot bodies to find extra pistol ammo or items to restore Dead Eye. Make it quick. The ones in the gun store usually have the items.
  • You can take out all four Sheriffs in one Dead Eye. Headshot each. Again, there is a bug with the Sawed-Off being default for this.
online TreeFittyactivity 132 Days Ago
Ending is bugged as noted above. Game defaults to Sawed-Off Shotgun instead of pistol for the final draw.
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