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Blessed are the Peacemakers

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  • Free yourself and perform self-surgery within 1 minute
  • Recover your weapons from the O'Driscoll's camp
  • Kill the O'Driscoll gang members that beat and shot you
  • Escape the O'Driscoll's camp without being spotted

Blessed are the Peacemakers

With enemies on all sides there is no way out for Dutch's gang. Perhaps talking with their oldest friends will give them a way out. Maybe not in the way they hoped for.

Rewards: Loot

Grand ideas

Micah talks down to Arthur and says while the higher ups have been causing more issues for the gang, Pearson has found a way to lessen the load. Dutch comes over to hear Pearson's idea. He met some O'Driscolls out on the road and they suggested a meeting to negotiate peace. Dutch doesn't believe Colm O'Driscoll would do such a thing. Hosea agrees. Micah assumes it won't end well but there's a chance it will. He presses Dutch who reminds Micah that he killed Colm's brother and then Colm killed his woman. Eventually Dutch agrees to meet with Colm. Arthur will go with them to provide protection. Pearson will stay at camp.

Mount your horse and follow Micah. He says he's saving lives by having one less group of people after them. Dutch likes that idea. Arthur is nervous but they'll find a spot for him to look over the meeting. Crossing Dewberry Creek they spot a few O'Driscolls on the next ridge. Must be close. Micah plays on Dutch's heartstrings but Arthur sees through it. Approaching the plains in the Heartlands, Micah says the meeting will take place below. Arthur should find a spot nearby.

Welcome back

Go to the observation position and Arthur will crouch near an old carcass. Use your binoculars to look down at Dutch and Micah. Arthur looks up and sees three horsemen approaching including Colm. He takes aim with his scoped rifle to follow them. Colm and Dutch break the ice and begin to talk. There's a lot of heat on both of them. Dutch apologizes for killing Colm's brother. Colm didn't like him but Dutch did like Annabel, his lover. As things get intense Arthur gets knocked out by an O'Driscoll from behind.

Arthur wakes up later getting beaten by a small group of them and gets knocked out again. He wakes up and you are told to escape the O'Driscolls. Move out as Arthur limps along but a short distance away he is spotted. The O'Driscolls pounce on him with one aiming a rifle. A shot rings out and the screen goes black. Later Arthur wakes up again. As his vision becomes clearer you can see water and the shadow of a horse as he's carried across. He passes out. The next time Arthur awakes they are at a camp. One O'Driscoll says to put Arthur's weapons away. Back to black.

Waking up yet again Arthur is in a cellar hanging by his feet. Colm comes down to check on his wound - and use it for torture. Eventually Colm tells his plan. He wants to lure Dutch in to rescue Arthur but the Pinkertons will be waiting to arrest the gang. If they get Dutch then they'll forget about him. Colm hints at Arthur being a previous acquaintance before beating him and walking out. Arthur passes out a couple more times.

Max pain

Awake again Arthur looks around and sees a metal file on the table nearby. Swing back and forth to grab it. Arthur manages to undo his shackles and drops to the floor. Using a candle, heat the file and assist Arthur digging the bullet out of the wound. Then throw some gun powder over it and position a candle to cauterize the wound. Painful.

Finishing up that, an O'Driscoll comes down the stairs. Stealth kill him and Arthur takes his throwing knives. Start to make your silent escape. At the top of the stairs two more walk by in opposite directions. One goes left along the cabin. The other goes over towards a campfire to the right. A gun icon is shown at the shed next to that. These are your guns if you want to recover them. Your horse is not far past the fire.

To get your guns, sneak around to the fire and quietly take out the O'Driscoll. Be careful of another on the left side of the shed. The guns are outside the door of the shed. Inside is some loot in a chest if you want to take that as well. Kill whatever O'Driscolls you want around the cabin.


No fear

Grab your horse and escape to Clemens Point. There are O'Driscolls all over the area. Continue to evade them. You have no cores left so you'll lose health and stamina easily. Most are patrolling the roads. When you get far enough away Arthur passes out. Cinematics show the horse taking him back to camp. Upon arriving he falls to the ground but the gang grabs Arthur and moves him to his bed.

A few weeks later Arthur is doing well. Swanson thought he was going to die. Good support. Swanson walks off. If you failed to recover your weapons, the gang will replace them.

Gold Tips

  • There is no overall time objective so take it easy outside of the initial escape.
  • Follow the prompts to quickly escape the shackles and cauterize the wound.
  • There are four O'Driscolls to kill total. The first is done in the cellar. Exit the cellar and go left to stealth kill that one. Then go around to the right and stealth kill the one at the fire. Finally, take out the one next to the shed. A throwing knife to the head is a good idea to avoid him alerting the others.
  • Get your guns from the front of the shed next to the fire. You can take them back before the last O'Driscoll next to the shed if you wish.
  • There isn't a specific way to leave but going south/southeast is the best bet to avoid the remaining O'Driscolls. Go along the water up to the rail bridge and then cross over. Ride for a short distance and Arthur will pass out.
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