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Friends in Very Low Places

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  • Complete the mission without being spotted
  • Complete within 8 minutes 10 seconds

Friends in Very Low Places

Why bother with a few heavily armed stagecoaches when you can hit many less-armed ones? That's Trelawny's line of thought and he knows the right people to ask about them.

Rewards: Lock Breaker, $206.25

Discouraged men

Trelawny questions Arthur about stagecoaches and if they are worth the trouble. He has a friend in Rhodes that will give Arthur all the stagecoaches he wants to rob. Mount your horse and go to the Rhodes station. During the ride Trelawny talks about business he has in the area. A gold company he had a stake in went belly up. Arriving at the train station, hitch your horse and follow Trelawny inside.


He goes around to the clerk - Alden. Among his personal issues, he mentions wages got cut and fears horseless carriages will be the end of his work. Trelawny says Arthur has a gift for him. Pay Alden some money so the conversation continues. He looks at his ledger and says a stagecoach is coming through Siltwater Strand. He writes a note for Arthur. Alden also wants them to say hello to his colleague Hector in Strawberry if they pass through there. With information in hand, Trelawny and Arthur depart. You can read the note if you wish.

Mount your horse and follow Trelawny. He says the lead in Strawberry sounds good but Arthur isn't sure he can go back there after the Micah mess. Trelawny wouldn't worry about it. He goes on to poke fun at the gang's fame. They arrive at a spot overlooking the road below. Trelawny will distract the coach occupants while Arthur gets the loot from the rear. Trelawny gives him a lock breaker to keep things quiet.

What an act

The men wait for the stagecoach which begins to ride by. Trelawny begs Arthur to keep his gun holstered. They'll ride behind it but not too close. Move down the hill and Trelawny says he'll ride ahead to get them to stop. Arthur is told to stay back. Tail the stagecoach. According to the note, Mrs. Damsen is an opera singer so Trelawny pretends to be an entertainer himself.

Wait for the stagecoach to stop. A guard dismounts and goes to the rear. When Mrs. Damsen exits for a song the guard will walk towards the river. Crouch down and sneak over to the strongbox at the rear. While she sings, break the lock and take the money as the driver tries to get Mrs. Damsen to get back on. When you are done go back towards your horse to get clear. Trelawny ends the show and the stagecoach takes off.

Go back to Trelawny. Job well done. Arthur splits the loot and the two say goodbye.

Gold Tips

  • Follow the purple route above to get to the train station as quickly as possible. Josiah needs to go to the front by the hitching post and you need to be next to him to get him moving inside. Try to keep clear of the first post so he can use it.
  • Quickly give Alden the money.
  • Get to the observation point as quickly as you can. You'll be stuck behind Trelawny.
  • Wait at the sign post until Damsen exits. Then crouch down and jog over. The guard shouldn't see you as he turns to walk away. Quickly break the lock and take the loot. Then run (no need to crouch) back past the intersection to get clear.
  • When Trelawny ends the show move to the broken trees on his side. When the stagecoach leaves walk down to him. You'll be restricted in speed.
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