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Sodom? Back to Gomorrah

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  • Loot all the safes
  • Headshot 5 mounted Lawmen during the horseback escape
  • Get to Downes Ranch within 1 minute 55 seconds
  • Complete with at least 70% accuracy
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items

Sodom? Back to Gomorrah

With everything going wrong in Valentine, the gang never got to the bank. Bill wants to change that even though it means going into the lions' den.

Rewards: Up to $2750

Just a thing

Karen, Bill, and Lenny are hanging around a corner of the camp. Bill says they were planning to hit the bank in Valentine until Arthur messed it up. Karen thinks they can pull it off if they move quickly. Not many lawmen around. Just citizens called into action. There should be plenty of money in that bank right now with the end of the livestock season. Arthur agrees. They'll rob it in the morning.

The next morning Strauss grabs Arthur on his way out. He says Thomas Downes is dead but the wife and son will assume the debt. He should go there as soon as possible. Karen joins the boys. Bill says the plan is to have Karen provide a distraction and then they'll rush in. Shouldn't be much security. Follow Bill to Valentine.

During the ride Bill goes over the plan again. Arthur will take the vault since he's good at that. Bill also mentions he's been drinking with the Gray boys and there should be some security work ahead. Arthur tells him to be careful. You can ask the others questions about various things to pass time. Arriving in Valentine the horses are left next to the gun store. Dismount and follow the gang. Karen can't decide which routine to go with so you can pick.

The big show

After choosing, Karen gets into character and goes inside. Bill and Lenny post up. Approach the bank door and wait for Karen's show to end. When it does go inside. Lenny and Bill get everyone down. You can beat the guy ahead if you want. Lenny grabs keys from a guard and hands them to Karen who unlocks the teller's door. Enter and push the teller to the vault. Arthur automatically puts his hands on him.

At the vault the teller will stand there in fear so aim your weapon to get him going. You can then beat him if you wish or fire your weapon. When he gets it open go inside. Arthur knocks him down. Bill comes to assist. Inside the vault the teller says only the manager can open the safes. Arthur will have to blow them or crack them. You decide.

Blow them up

Bill takes the teller out as you are told to plant dynamite on the safes. There are five of them. Lenny and Karen want you to hurry. Plant the sticks and light the fuse. If you place dynamite on each one, light the middle fuse and go outside the room. Once it all blows go back inside and loot the safes.

Crack them open

Bill takes the teller out as you are told to crack the safes. There are five of them. Lenny and Karen want you to hurry. Take position in front of one and play the minigame to unlock each. Move the left analog stick as shown on the screen. When it slows down, move slow. Each combo should be close so go easy. If you pass the number you won't need to start over. When the safe is open take the loot.

Exit, stage right

When you have all the loot regroup with the gang in the lobby. Karen says they have company. Outside the bank lawmen are waiting. Karen goes out for one last act and starts shooting. Arthur, Bill, and Lenny make their exit. You are put into Dead Eye so pick your targets and shoot. There are three lawmen in the street, one in front of the saloon, and one up on the balcony to the right of that.


When they are down three more lawmen run in from the church end. Take them out and keep moving that way. Two lawmen ride in on horseback and three take cover in the church yard. Wipe them out and mount your horse with the others. As you do, two lawmen run up by the church yard. Shoot them if you wish or get away with the gang.

As you pass the train station you'll see a mounted lawman riding across the next hill from the right. Take him out as two more come from the next intersection. Shoot them too. Coming down the hill, lawmen approach from each side. Kill them. The gang moves across a field but there are two lawmen riding down the next ridge. The gang turns right as they meet up. Take them out.

Going down the road another mounted lawman comes from the hill on the right and rides a small ridge. Kill him as a train whistle is heard. Three lawmen approach from the left quite a distance away. Beat the train with the gang and they get cut off. The gang finds refuge in some trees. The loot gets split up and everyone is happy. Arthur tells them to leave but not directly back to camp. Do not get followed either. They ride off as Arthur has other business to attend to.


Back in control, ride to Downes Ranch. Downes' wife - Edith - and son - Archie - are in front of the house with a small wagon. Walking up, Edith says she paid off almost all that was owed. Arthur says Thomas knew the rules. Archie brings out bags of books to be loaded onto the wagon. As Edith fetches the money Arthur heckles and threatens Archie but he is steadfast. Arthur takes the money and rides off. Cinematics bring him to camp.

Gold Tips

  • There is no overall time objective so take it easy traveling to Valentine and during the gun fight.
  • Make sure all 5 safes get opened and looted.
  • Use quick Dead Eye bursts to conserve it.
  • There is no headshot objective for the main gun fight but take them down quickly to save your health.
  • If you want to increase your accuracy aim for non-lethal parts such as arms or torso.
  • There are 8 mounted lawmen outside of Valentine. Get close and use Dead Eye to headshot them.
  • Do not waste time getting to Downes Ranch. Cut corners where you can.
  • The horse given during replays has poor stamina so keep an eye on that.
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