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Horse Flesh for Dinner

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  • Kill the stable hand showing you the horses
  • Catch the stallion within 10 seconds
  • Get 5 headshots

Horse Flesh for Dinner

The Braithwaites are known to have expensive horses on their property. If the gang can get a hold of them they should be able to sell the horses for a pretty penny.

Rewards: $128.32, Horse Fence

Note: Depending on which mission you do first - this or The Fine Joys of Tobacco - the dialogue will be different in some places.

Speak with the guards in front of the Gray's mansion who will point you to the stables. Arthur arrives to find John and Javier talking with Mr. Tavish Gray, father of Sheriff Gray. Going on about the families, he tells them about the Braithwaites killing his uncle and mentions the Grays have gold. John says his father came off the boat from Scotland. The Gray's are Scottish. The Braithwaites are scum. The trio is going to steal horses from the Braithwaites that can sell for $5000. Men at Clemens Cove will buy and take them out of state.

On your horse follow John. Tavish tells them the stables with the thoroughbreds are on the south side. Arthur is weary of $5000 but thinks they can get a third of it. He tells John and Javier that the place is well guarded so they'll pretend to be buying horses. Going in the back way should avoid attention. At a back gate John tells the guard they are working for a wealthy investor and he lets them in.

At the stable hitch your horse and talk to the stablehand. Arthur convinces him to show them the horses. He takes them in and gives a quick tour of the livestock. You are told to silently take out the stablehand. Do so or let Javier get some revenge then put on your bandana. Arthur will take the white horse. Approach and calm the horse. Lead it outside when able. They'll tie the horses to Javier's. John will lead and Arthur at the rear. As they prepare to leave a worker spots them and the guards are alerted.

Horse Hustle

Clear the path as you escape with Javier and John. One guard is ahead on the road but gets run over. Two are at the side of the mansion. Keep moving and two guards run in from the field in front with three more at the main entrance. Two of those grab horses. On the driveway three guards are waiting next to a wagon. Ahead another wagon of three enters the property. Javier dodges them to the left as workers flee. He moves into the trees to lose the remaining shooters. Back on the road the fight isn't over. Three guards on horseback give chase. Wipe them out.


All seems quiet but one of the horses breaks loose. Retrieve the stallion. Quickly lasso it and meet the others at Clemens Cove. They are across the road from the destroyed plantation near the gang's camp. When you arrive they'll go over to the water. Approach the rustler. Clay Davies and his brother Clive buy almost anything. He recognizes the horses and knows they don't belong to the men in front of him. He offers $650 but goes up to $700. Most money he has. John takes it, much to Arthur's dismay. Clay and Clive grab the horses. The gang walks off.

Writing in his journal later, Arthur had dreams of being rich off the Grays. Now they are prized idiots.

Gold Tips

  • There is no overall time objective so take it easy until the stallion breaks loose.
  • Stealth kill the stablehand before Javier does. Easy.
  • There are plenty of opportunities to get 5 headshots. Do not worry about the guards at the mansion, field, or main entrance. Focus on the ones on horseback that chase after you and the ones on the wagons since they are easy to headshot.
  • There is no accuracy objective.
  • When the stallion starts to kick, get your lasso out and move to the right. Try to aim to the right and be ready to throw as the stallion breaks free. Get your horse running towards it so if you miss quickly rethrow from behind it. You do not need to rush to get it back to the others.
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