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The Fine Joys of Tobacco

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  • Silently kill the Gray Sean distracts in the wagon store
  • Douse the fields within 2 minutes 20 seconds
  • Kill 5 Grays during the escape
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items

The Fine Joys of Tobacco

The Gray's tobacco fields are very dry due to a lack of rain. A little alcohol from the Braithwaites should help lighten the outlook of the crops.

Rewards: $233.75, Fire Bottles

Note: Depending on which mission you do first - this or Horse Flesh for Dinner - the dialogue will be different in some places.

Fun with friends

Speak to the guards and they will let you pass without issue. Arthur walks into the Braithwaite mansion and admires the decor. A doorman takes him to Hosea and Sean who are playing cribbage with Catherine and her son. Arthur and Sean are going to Caliga Hall. Hosea tries to discuss payment but the conversation turns towards childbirth. Arthur and Sean exit.

Outside get on the wagon with Sean and drive to Caliga Hall. Sean fills in Arthur. They are going to use the moonshine to torch the Gray's tobacco fields. There should be twice the security after Hosea and Arthur disrupted the saloon in Rhodes but wagons go in and out of the place all the time. Sean will talk to the guards. Arriving at the plantation Sean mentions Arthur may want to hide himself since the Grays know him. Comply and Arthur moves to the back of the wagon. You can change to first person view and peek around.

Sean stops at the guard and offers him some moonshine. He convinces the guard they are delivering here because of the issue at the saloon. The guard - Hamish - hops on to escort the wagon around to the back. Sean and Hamish have a nice conversation. Once inside the wagon shop, exit the wagon and silently take out the guard or let Sean have him. They'll hide in here until it's dark enough to roam around the fields.

For the homies

While waiting in the wagon shop Sean makes up fire bottles. Arthur peaks out and sees guards all over. Sean will douse the dry barn. Arthur will douse the fields. Outside follow Sean. Sneak around avoiding the guards. Passing near one, a wagon pulls up with payroll. It's told to go the supply shed in the back. That wagon will have to wait for later. Sean takes out the guard and you are told to douse the tobacco fields.


Make your way into the yellow highlighted areas and begin pouring while moving through. When an area is complete it will disappear. Use caution when crossing the paths due to the guards on patrol plus a few more in the area. You can jog while crouched and still be stealthy. You should only need to use around 65% of the moonshine in your jug.

Light 'em up

When complete, meet Sean at the barn. He'll take out the guard and douse it. You are told to light it up. Equip fire bottles and toss one in. When it's burning go back to the nearest tobacco field and do the same. Toss three across the field and the highlighted area disappears. Sean will take out two guards but there are more on the way. He wants to grab horses by the stable.

Sean finds cover as three guards do the same ahead of him. Take them out and six more come from buildings to the left. Kill them. While dealing with those, the horses Sean and Arthur were going to use take off. Sean says they can grab horses from the wagon with the payroll. Follow Sean. Going back the other way, two guards appear. Take them down and three more will come from the right. When they are dead move that way with Sean.

One guard is at the intersection between the burning fields and another appears to the left. Kill them and go to the end. One last guard is near the wagon. Sean can take care of a few if needed. Arriving at the wagon, free the horses as Sean looks for the payroll. When he's ready get on a horse and follow Sean. Three guards pop up just past the fields plus two more to the right near the mansion as you escape. Sean will take a few down if needed.

Once you get through the main gate the heat is lost. Sean stops on a hill looking back at the glowing fields. He's going to camp. Go with him or stay here. If accepting, a cutscene will bring both back as the fields burn.

Gold Tips

  • There is no overall time objective so take it easy outside of pouring the moonshine.
  • Exit the wagon and stealth kill the guard before Sean does. Easy.
  • You need to be moving while pouring for it to have an effect.
  • Douse the fields using the path in purple above. Follow right behind Sean as he takes out the guard by the fields and keep moving. If you time it right you can run past just as he gets taken down. You can jog while crouched and still be stealthy. This is key. Just after entering the first area start dousing. Jog to the next if needed. Go diagonally towards the center intersection but stay to the right and jog past the wagon before the guard on the right gets close (you'll be right in front of him but he won't see you). Stay along the west (left) edge of that area and douse it. Then jog across the path behind the guard walking by. Douse those areas and jog across to the last field. The previous guard should be on the other path still. Douse across the last areas to complete.
  • There is no headshot or accuracy objectives but try to take down the Grays as quickly as possible to spare your health.
  • Avoid getting hit by the fleeing horses. They run after you get the guard next to them.
  • During the final escape you'll need to shoot ahead of Sean. There are only five guards. Get them quickly before Sean does. You can stay ahead of him through the fields and take the first three but he'll catch up for the last two.
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