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The North (West Elizabeth)

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Red Dead Redemption's northern-most territory is West Elizabeth - home to the bustling Blackwater, one of the many modern, burgeoning new townships that sprung up across America in the dying days of the Old West.

West Elizabeth may provide a taste of early 20th century modernity, but also its fair share of wilderness and danger. From the wolves prowling the snows of Nekoti Rock to the fierce Grizzlies in the forests above Manzanita to the ruthless card sharks at the tables in Blackwater - travelling the North requires caution and wile.


Tall Trees

"Nokita Rock - The grizzlies are best left undisturbed."

"Manzita Post - Marston heads out into the forest."

"Pacific Union - Walking the tracks at the railroad camp."

Great Plains

"Bleecher's Hope - Wolves patrol a homestead."

"Blackwater - Posse rides out from civilization."

"Wreck of Serendipity - Riverboat lays where she fell."

The World of Red Dead Redemption

The Frontier (New Austin) - Northern Mexico (Nuevo Paraiso) - The North (West Elizabeth)
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