About iRedDead

iRedDead.com is the latest creation of Simon 'Psy' Elliott - The guy that brought the internet previous websites including Psycopsy.com, GTA-SanAndreas.com, GTAGuides.com, GTA4.TV and GunningForGlory.net and iGrandTheftAuto.com amongst others.

What's all this iAbout?

Following on from the incredible creation of iGrandTheftAuto.com, we decided to continue the network and branch out onto Rockstar's newest game, Red Dead Redemption. This website aims to be one of the biggest resources for Red Dead information on the net.

What's On Here? (I'm Obviously Blind)

The website contains guides, images, videos, downloads, news and pages (plus more stuff) about Red Dead Redemption.

Official Or Fan Site?

We're a fan site, so nothing on this website is technically "official", however Rockstar Games do class us as an official fan site as part of their webring. We have been mentioned in the back of game manuals (namely for GTA San Andreas), but Rockstar Games also flew Psy out to New York three times to play GTA4, The Lost And Damned and GTA Chinatown Wars (DS), as well as Episodes From Liberty City and Red Dead Redemption itself before they were released, so we do have very good contacts and regularly receive official and exclusive content straight from Rockstar Games themselves.

Contact Us

If you need to get in contact with Psy, the creator of the website, your best bet is to email Psy[at]iRedDead.com. Please use a descriptive email subject. You can also send Psy a message on the forums by clicking here or leave a comment on his profile (if you are logged in) by clicking here.

The Staff

Here is a bit of info about the people behind the website and what exactly they did.


Psy is the main (in fact only) developer behind the website. Every single line of code (of which there are about 500,000) was written via his fingertips, including all of the various website stylesheets and templates, and nearly all of the graphic work. In fact it's fairly safe to say nearly this whole website was made from scratch by Psy. Apart from running plenty of other GTA websites, Psy has made modifications, written a ton of guides, made maps, videos and images all for the various GTA games. There's not much he doesn't know about Grand Theft Auto, and he's hoping to bring those skills to the Red Dead Redemption scene..


A great website staff member, OPx was instrumental in helping Psy to get the content on the website after all of the hard work was done. He is involved in writing new content and news articles, as well as uploading images and providing humorous captions for them.


An unsung hero of the website, TreeFitty has been moderating on the forums for years by reporting bad posts, until we finally decided to give him a spot on the staff team. He now posts many news articles, adds images and creates pages. A very valuable staff member who we're honored to have on board.

Thanks & Credits

It's only fair that we give credit where it's due...

Special Thanks

  • PyroHazard
  • Pieface
  • El Pedro
  • marney1

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