Hell Hath No Fury

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  • Prevent 4 boats from reaching the shore
  • Destroy the Naval ship without missing a shot
  • Complete with at least 70% accuracy

Hell Hath No Fury

Dutch and the gang help Hercule defend Cinco Torres as it comes under attack from Fussar's men and a military warship.

Rewards: Rolling Block Rifle

Nowhere to run

Arthur walks to Cinco Torres. Inside Hercule is talking with Dutch and the others. Fussar knows who they are and the price on their heads. Hercule will get them their boat but they need to take Fussar out. The civil unrest has already led Fussar to request the navy in Cuba. No boats can enter or leave.

A man enters yelling for Hercule who says to follow him. Go to the roof with the others. Upon reaching the roof, explosions are heard and the fort shakes. They look out into the bay as a warship arrives firing shots. Hercule says he will get the cannon ready. Adding to the assault are guards making their way along the peninsula. This is now the frontline of the war.

Blood bath

Eliminate Fussar's men. There is a Rolling Block Rifle to the side if you want it. Eight of them come along the beach and six across the wall. When most of them are dead go help Hercule push the cannon into position. After that many more guards arrive on the beach via boats. They begin running up the stairs. Follow Dutch and Hercule down into the fort. In the room Hercule says there is a shotgun if you want it as Dutch looks out the door at a lot of guns.


Dutch makes the call to move out. One of Fussar's men is outside. Dutch kills him as six more come up the stairs including one walking towards you with a knife. Note the knife fighter will kill you in one slice. Kill them all and move with the others towards the wall. Two of Fussar's men are around the first corner. Shoot them and keep moving. A bolt action rifle is waiting below in case you traded yours for the shotgun. More of Fussar's men are along the wall. Kill some of them and as you cross the wall an explosion takes out the rest. The ship just killed its own men. Continue to the other end.

More of Fussar's men approach from all sides in boats. You can give orders to both Hercule and Dutch about which side to cover. Do so and help wherever needed. More explosions continue to shake everything so be careful with your shots. The boats head to the beach under the wall but some will be struck and destroyed. Fight off most of them and then head down to the beach to finish them off. When they are all dead meet with Dutch and Hercule at the base of the fort.

Balls of iron

The warship has gotten closer so they need to take it out. Dutch will stay on the beach for any stragglers. Arthur and Hercule will take the cannon. Follow Hercule who says Fussar has enough money to keep buying more men. Approaching the landing from earlier, a shot from the boat takes out the doorway. They'll need to go around the side. Continue to follow Hercule. He stops to help Dutch and then keeps going.

Climb up to the roof. Arthur takes the cannon and Hercule gets more ammo. He tells Arthur to aim for the waterline. Fire shots at the warship. Bill will make comments about your accuracy. When you are out of ammo you need to reload. After 7 hits the warship explodes and begins to sink.

Hercule leads the men down to Dutch. Hercules' boat will be arriving at the docks soon. Micah will meet with the captain. Bill will get Javier. Arthur is left staring at the wrecked warship. Move him along as birds land on he wall. He walks away from Cinco Torres as night falls in Guarma.

This mission leads directly into Paradise Mercifully Departed.

Gold Tips

  • There is no time objective so take it easy except for the boats.
  • Try to save your Dead Eye for the boats. There are some items in the first room you can loot that will restore a little Dead Eye.
  • Use quick Dead Eye bursts to conserve it.
  • There is no headshot objective but you'll want to take out Fussar's men quickly to save your health.
  • If you want to increase your accuracy count aim for non-lethal parts such as arms and torso.
  • You can also stall when running down to the wall to shoot more enemies. Stay on the stairs and take out the guards. Once you go down to the wall an explosion will take them out.
  • You need to be quick with the boats. There are 6 of them: 3 east and 3 west. The east boats have a longer journey. The first two on the east side (north and south) are relatively easy. The third (middle) is delayed and will get taken out by the warship but if you get them first it will count for you. The three on the west side are subject to rolling waves making it more difficult to get them. The last west boat hangs out offshore until the very end.
  • Each boat has three guards. The one in the middle is rowing but the one on the bow will take his place if killed so it will only slow them down a little. Take out the front two (bow and rower) and the third will jump out into the water.
  • The sniper doesn't work too well for the boats. Aiming is a chore and it typically takes more than one hit to kill the guards. You are better off using a regular rifle and Dead Eye.
  • When shooting the warship, aim for the funnels and put the aiming point at the top of the roof line. Fire 5 shots, reload, and then two more shots to destroy it.