Paradise Mercifully Departed

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  • Kill the first 2 sentries without being spotted
  • Escort the captain to the boat within 1 minute 45 seconds
  • Complete within 6 minutes 45 seconds
  • Get 25 headshots

Paradise Mercifully Departed

The boat is ready but the captain for it is not. He's been captured by Fussar who has set up gunners around the area. Dutch and the gang set out to get the captain back and get out of Guarma.


Another rescue mission

The men all meet at the boat. Micah says the captain was caught and Fussar has gunners positioned all around them ready to put holes in the boat when they leave. They don't have any other options so the decision is made to save the captain and fight Fussar. Bill is designated to guard the boat with Javier.

Follow the others up the hill near an artillery post. Eliminate the guards without alerting the rest. Sneak up with Micah. There are two so Arthur will take the first, and Micah the second. Stealth kill him and then plant explosives on the cannons. Micah does the same and both fuses are lit. They run as the cannons explode. Down the hill they meet with the others. They already announced their arrival so the fight is on.


Take out the guards. One is up high on the next building. Kill him and move up. Three more appear at the far end of the building. Move up and one guard runs away. Kill him and go to the stairs on the left. One guard is coming down and another is up to the right. Clear them out and go up to the next set of cannons. At the top a guard comes from the ruins ahead so be ready. Take him out.

Micah will blow the cannons with the others covering him. Go with Dutch up the hill and fend off the guards. Seven of them come through the field ahead. When they are dead wait for Micah to finish. The cannons blow up and Micha says the captain is in the workers' compound. Follow the gang to the nearby village. Dutch tells Arthur to make the call so start firing when you are ready. Wipe out the guards who are in various cover and rescue the Captain. There are nine of them.

Guarman standoff

With the guards disposed of Arthur is told get the Captain out of the cabin. Upon entering the Captain is seen on the floor. Arthur goes over but Simon ambushes him from behind. The struggle with Simon seemingly victorious until Dutch enters. He offers words of wisdom to Simon and Fussar joins the standoff. Look around at everyone. Fussar says the US Navy is on the way. Look down at the Captain who is now upright. A rifle is next to him. Kick it over to give Dutch's side the upper hand.

The Captain shoots Simon. Fussar smashes through a window and escapes. Back outside they regroup. The order is made to head back to the boat. Four guards are in the way so take them out. Down the road one more pops out from the right. Keep going and two guards appear with one on the left hill and the other through the arch. Move through there as eight more appear along the way. Kill them as you go.

Escape from hell

Arthur takes cover against a wall and Hercule says Fussar is in the tower above. He is shown loading up a cannon. Get to the tower and take out Fussar as another guard comes at you. For a quick kill you can take aim and clip Fussar just next to the cannon. When he's dead get to the ship. Otherwise keep moving up. Hercule says there is another cannon in the building to the left. Get to that cannon. Aim at the roof of the tower above Fussar and fire. An explosion will kill him and Arthur goes to the ship.

The Captain is good to go so the men begin boarding. Hercule tells Dutch he will be gone before anyone arrives. Dutch thanks him. The boat sets sail. Later the men are talking on the bow. Bill has concerns about returning to Lemoyne. Dutch says they will slip ashore one-by-one. Micah wants to return to Blackwater but Dutch says no. Arthur has doubts about their luck. Dutch tells them to split up and look for the others. Arthur will check Shady Belle. When the gang is back together they'll get some money and leave. Javier questions it all but Dutch is resilient.

This mission leads directly into Dear Uncle Tacitus.

Gold Tips

  • You'll need to move quickly throughout the mission so lead the way.
  • Follow Micah and stealth kill the first two guards at the cannon. Easy.
  • Use quick Dead Eye bursts to conserve it. Aim for headshots.
  • There are around 35 enemies to headshot. Take them out quickly before the others do.
  • There is no accuracy objective but you'll need to work quickly for the time objective.
  • You have a little time to loot guards for items in a few places. After the first gauntlet of guards before Micah gets to the second set of cannons. After wiping out the guards in the field before the cannons blow. Before entering the cabin where the captain is.
  • Once the captain is rescued, run ahead and take out the guards as quickly as possible. If you stop or take too long to clear a path he will stop too. You do not actually need to kill the last one or two. Just move forward until the cutscene plays.
  • To get Fussar, you can clip him just to the left of the cannon from your starting point after the cutscene. A sniper is good if you have it but a rifle works too. When he is dead run to the boat.