The Naturalist Now Available in RDO

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Rockstar has added new content to Red Dead Online. You can now take on the role of the Naturalist. With it comes new Legendary animals to discover plus new equipment and weapons.


Track, hunt and study the wonders of the animal kingdom in Red Dead Online’s latest Frontier Pursuit, The Naturalist. Explore diverse locales, encounter majestic new Legendary Animals, and forge your own path as you choose whether to use these findings to learn new skills or bolster your resources and material gains.

Accomplished conservationist Harriet Davenport is looking for adventurers with an affinity for wildlife to help her track down specimens and further her extensive knowledge of the animals of the five states. Pursue these fascinating creatures in the wild, then cautiously sedate them to obtain samples for Harriet and be equitably rewarded. At odds with Harriet’s mission to understand and preserve wildlife is the retired big game hunter Gus Macmillan, who will compensate you handsomely for your hunting skills. If your tastes favor fine clothing made from animal hides over the conservation of the natural world, Gus provides a wide range of options from the hauls you deliver. Be warned though, Harriet will take notice of your poaching activities if you try to play both sides of this quarrel.

Visit the Welcome Center in the town of Strawberry to meet up with both Harriet and Gus - and document your findings with the new Animal Field Guide - a compendium featuring the abundant species found across all of the frontier’s distinct habitats. Tracking, photographing, and sampling animals will add their information to your Animal Field Guide and progress you along the Naturalist role.

As you build out the Animal Field Guide and continue through the Specialist Role you will open up a range of new items, skills, and gameplay to explore. Everything from a new Naturalist focused breed of Horses, to bespoke clothing and accessories, to new Tonics and Tonic Recipes. These include personal Weight Loss and Weight Gain Tonics, Animal Revivers and special Tonics that mitigate weather effects or increase your ability to sneak up on potential animal subjects.

You’ll also learn new skills like Mercy Kills and the ability to pitch Wilderness Camps, and open up the opportunity to work with Ms. Davenport to stop the proliferation of nefarious animal poachers by raiding their encampments and liberating caged animals.


As your Naturalist activities progress, you’ll start to encounter Legendary Animals – these distinctive creatures can be discovered both in Free Roam and through Animal Sighting assignments commissioned by Harriet. Using the Legendary Animal Map as a guide, you’ll learn the locations of their native habitats and then follow information in the Animal Field Guide to locate each one – ultimately deciding whether to obtain samples for Harriet and earn precious rewards, or poach them and have Gus turn their hides into ostentatious apparel for your wardrobe.


To aid in studying animals or even just for hobbyists with a keen eye, a new Advanced Camera is available from the Wheeler, Rawson and Co. Catalogue, allowing for increased mobility along with an improved suite of camera features that includes a set of filters. There are also new weapons, including a customizable Improved Bow and the Elephant Rifle, made for taking down especially large animals.


The Wheeler Rawson & Co. Club and The Outlaw Pass return with a host of special new items to unlock. As always, the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Club is a free and automatic membership, as you progress through the Club Ranks you will unlock perks along the way. Upgrade to The Outlaw Pass No. 3 for even more. Get up to 40 Gold Bars, alongside a bountiful assortment of Offers and Rewards – including access to unique Outfits, Weapon modifications, Camp Upgrades and much more. There are 80 Ranks to unlock with the new Outlaw Pass, which is available through October 19th. Visit the website for more details.

There is plenty more including rewards and outfits. Full details here.