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Avatar Awards

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Red Dead Redemption has a 9 unlockable Avatar Awards to dress up your avatar with. I unlocked my first one after shooting someone's hat off their head during regular gameplay.


Anyway, here is a working list of Avatar awards and the way to get them. I will update the post as I discover more! Please post if you find any!

Shoot somebody’s hat off without killing them.

Posse T-Shirt
Complete the "Strike It Rich" Challenge

Yellow Rockstar Logo T-Shirt
Obtained when found in a hidden chest upstairs at Beecher's Hope (make sure to unlock the Beecher’s Hope homestead first).

Black on Red RDR Logo T-Shirt
Obtained when found in a hidden chest at Riley’s Charge.

Elegant Suit
Originally from the "Skin It To Win It" challenge, now the XP Challenge.

Crimson Posse T-shirt
Originally from the "I Shot the Sheriff" challenge, now the XP Challenge.

There are male and female versions of these avatars!

Elegant Suit and Crimson Posse T-shirt:


"Red Dead Redemption is available in stores now but the fun doesn't stop after you play through the main story and conquer multiplayer. A series of Rockstar Challenges are COMING SOON. By completing these Challenges together as a community, you can all earn some truly excellent rewards. The first Rockstar Challenge will be "Strike it Rich", which when completed will grant every community member the Posse T-Shirt."

[source] [more LIVE avatar options] [XP Challenge change]
online Fettsplaceactivity 3311 Days Ago
don't know if this is all that's required but I got the "
Yellow Rockstar Logo T-Shirt " when I upended the chest in the attic of John's homestead house.
online Fettsplaceactivity 3305 Days Ago
Gentleman’s Attire unlocked by joining social club
online Fettsplaceactivity 3305 Days Ago
nevermind, I wasn't paying attention to where I was at, I taking about the in game outfit. sorry LOL.
online TreeFittyactivity 3198 Days Ago
well this hasn't been updated in a bit...
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