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John Marston and Son

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John Marston and Son

Fastest Time: 7:49
Shot Accuracy: 70%
It's time for Jack to learn hunting. Elk should be easy targets and provide some valuable items.

Rewards: +50 Fame, +150 Honor

An interesting book

Jack is seen sitting under a tree while reading a book. John walks over and asks what the book is about. Jack says it's about people who killed savage redskins and how a brave man hunts the man who killed his father. John tells Jack they can have their own adventure teaching him how to track elk. Jack is hesitant but John gets him going with some humor. They start walking.

Meet Rufus

Mount your horse and wait for Jack to do the same. When he's ready John will tell him to follow Rufus, the family dog, as he takes off. Follow Rufus with Jack. John will show Jack how to kill an elk first and gives him tips along the way into the woods of Tall Trees. John questions Jack's attitude but he says he's okay and not a kid anymore. They'll continue to discuss books and how they are good but Jack shouldn't forget about the real world around him.

Eventually John will spot an elk beyond some trees. Run over and kill it. Dismount your horse and wait for Jack to ride over. With him watching, skin the elk to show Jack how it's done. After the skinning mount up and John will tell Rufus to sniff out another. Continue following the dog across the forest. John tells him it's his turn next.


Eventually Rufus finds more elk. Run over with Jack who tries to shoot the elk but is not that good of a shot. Either wait for him to shoot the elk or help him out. With the elk dead or long gone, Jack will dismount near one to try his hand at skinning. Ride over and stand near him to make sure he does it right. Jack will hesitate but overcomes it and cuts the elk like a pro.

Got a ranch around my neck, girl

With elk meat in hand it's time to cash them in. Mount your horse and head to the trading post in Manzanita. John will tell Jack he did a good job. Jack actually wants to keep going but John knows to only kill what you need. When you arrive in Manzanita, dismount and walk into the store. Speak with the clerk and sell your elk meat along with the other items if you wish. Exit the store and mount up to head home.

Jack wonders how much they made and what his share is but John tells him it's enough to keep Rufus out of the stew and that Jack gets to eat. Unfair to Jack but he'll be rich one day - much to the hopes of John. After some rib poking at Uncle's expense, Jack says he enjoyed hunting elk. John says he's growing up fast and that they'll make something of their farm. Eventually you'll reach the marker in Beecher's Hope.

In the final cutscene Jack says it was a lot of fun. John tells him they will do it again soon and to go do his chores. Jack runs off.

Gold Tips

  • Sprint over and take Jack's horse which causes him to run and take your horse. Otherwise he'll take 30 seconds to slowly walk over to his own horse.
  • Follow Rufus into the woods.
  • In the second snow covered open area (before the thick trees) sprint ahead to trigger the first elk.
  • Quickly Dead-Eye and headshot the elk.
  • Dismount and skin the elk when Jack comes over. You can save time by using a quick-skin trick: Stop your horse on top of the elk carcass. Dismount and skin the animal when allowed. The items will be added to your inventory without the skinning animation.
  • Remount your horse (or continue with Jack's) and follow Rufus again.
  • When you reach the roadway intersection, sprint ahead and down the hill to the right to trigger the elk.
  • Dead-Eye/headshot all three elk. Jack will only waste time.
  • Wait for Jack to come over and stand near him on your horse. You'll need to watch the skinning cinematic. No trick this time.
  • Sprint up the hill and over to Manzanita.
  • Ride your horse right up to the store steps, dismount, and sprint inside.
  • Quickly talk with the clerk and sell your meat and other items if you wish. Then exit.
  • Sprint outside and mount your horse to sprint all the way back home at Beecher's Hope.

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