Red Dead Online - The Road Ahead

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Finally, Rockstar Games is looking to transition Red Dead Online from Beta to full fledge game. Around six months after the initial release, Rockstar is adding content and giving us some information about where they expect to take RDO in the future.

There is a lot to cover in the full article but here is a short list...

Today's update:
  • New cooperative story missions
  • New Free Roam activities
  • Posse Versus Challenges
  • Dynamic Events
  • Online Poker
  • Overrun Showdown Mode
  • LeMat Revolver
  • More clothing items and emotes
  • Offensive or Defensive (passive) mode
  • Hostility System
  • Misc balance and other improvements

The future:
  • More variety of above missions and activities
  • New "roles" for RDO: Bounty Hunter, Trader, or Collector (info below)

"With the foundation of Red Dead Online now established, future updates will offer new ways to fully inhabit your character as you progress in multiple roles and carve out your own place on the frontier.

Starting this summer, players will be able to take on the first three of a series of new roles: track down wanted criminals as a bounty hunter; search the world for treasure, and other exotic items to sell as a collector; or build a business at camp as a trader and more.

Each new role will come with a range of unique gameplay along with a host of new outfits, weapons and other rewards to earn. Players will have the option to focus on a specific role to advance quickly and unlock each role’s unique attributes, or simultaneously progress across multiple roles as you play naturally to create your own unique character and path through the frontier."

Check out the full article here.