New Screenshots: Saving Towns from the Plague

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Check out some new screenshots and information from the Undead Nightmare Pack!

Sweeping down the main street on horseback to fight back the virulent plague and save towns in Undead Nightmare.

Dealing with the zombie plague that's decimating the landscape and reawakening the hungry dead in next week's Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare means helping those that are still alive and fighting off zombies in many of the towns, outposts and settlements.

Providing survivors with ammo gives you additional support in helping to eradicate the undead menace.

To help save these towns from the zombie hordes, you'll need to find survivors and assist them in eradicating the zombies, both by supplying them with much needed ammunition, which can be found in ammunition chests scattered around town, and by taking to the rooftops to assist first hand in wiping out the attacking mobs of undead.

Continue taking out zombies and supplying ammo to survivors to fill the Town Safety meter.

A town's infection level is indicated by the number of circles displayed on the town defense meter. As you root out zombies and deliver ammunition to townsfolk the circles will begin to fill up. Once all the circles in the display are full, any remaining zombies in town will automatically be added to your map.

Taking on a fairly large infestation in Armadillo.

Once all the zombies in town have been hunted down and dealt with, the town will be considered "safe", and you can save your progress there as well as fast travel to other towns from that location. But beware, the undead threat is persistent - so towns will only remain safe for so long before coming under attack again. Additionally, if you ignore a town in peril for too long, survivors will slowly start dying.

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