New Undead Screens and Info: Land Grab Mode

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RedDeadDev5 attempts to stake his claim to McFarlane’s Ranch in Land Grab, the new Free Roam Multiplayer Mode that is included in Undead Nightmare.

In addition to the wild co-op zombie killing multiplayer experience of Undead Overrun (revealed in yesterday's video), also included as part of the Undead Nightmare Pack for Red Dead Redemption is Land Grab - a brand new Free Roam Multiplayer Mode. While not necessarily horror themed, Land Grab is an action-packed new Multiplayer mode where players fight for control over a section of land in one of seven different towns in the Red Dead Redemption online game world.

Preparing to initiate a game inside the Armadillo saloon.

To initiate this in Multiplayer Free Roam, visit any one of the seven distinct areas (Armadillo, Blackwater, Chuparosa, Escalera, Las Hermanas, MacFarlane’s Ranch and Thieves Landing) and find the post that says Land Grab. Once the post is activated, a countdown will begin and you will be given control over a radius of territory, displayed on the in-game map. In order to lay claim to the land, you must remain inside the predetermined radius, and defend against any oncoming enemies. Leaving at any time will surrender your claim, as will being killed by another player.

Posse up and trigger a Land Grab match from one of seven different locations, including Chuparosa.

Players can also lose control of their turf if another player is able to sneak into the area and activate the post again, therefore giving them command of the territory. While the land grab is active, players add to the XP pot awarded at the conclusion of the match by taking down other players. Posses are also supported in this new mode, allowing you to work together to protect the claim. Additionally, anytime a member of the land owner's posse is killed, a defender kill XP bonus is added to the pot.

RedDeadDev5 attempts to sneak in and usurp the claim while the current holder is distracted.

When time is up, the match ends and the XP pot is then divided between all players that held the land at any point during the match, with larger percentages going to the players that held it longest. A minimum of 3 people must be in a session to start a Land Grab, and this mode is only available in Normal and Hardcore Free modes. All players can participate in an active Land Grab, but only players that have the Undead Nightmare Pack can initiate a game.

We'll add the full-size screenshots when they become available!

Look for Rockstar online next week on Thursday and Friday when we'll be celebrating the release of Undead Nightmare with back to back multiplayer sessions in the Social Club Multiplayer Events Series playing plenty of both Undead Overrun and Land Grab on PSN and Xbox LIVE! Posse up in our Red Dead Redemption forums!