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It's easy to get lost out in the desert. Some people just need to be pointed in the right direction.

Rewards: up to $25, +50 Fame, Treasure Hunter Outfit scrap

Part 1

Speak with a traveler (Sam Odessa) in the desert of Gaptooth Ridge. He's happy to see another face out here. He has been on the road to California for quite some time - his exact origin unknown, although his family has gone from the Black Sea to New York City to here in three generations. Sam's horse became lame somewhere along his journey and he has been walking since.

Sam is advised about the gangs in the Gaptooth region and he decides to get a coach to continue onward. He walks off.


Part 2

A week later Sam is found again in Cueva Seca. He is noticeably not as well as the previous meeting. He was going to get a coach but it wasn't to his liking. He finds nature the better choice.

Sam is advised to get another horse at least. He begins ranting about a horse that can do math and how such a steed would take him to California. Sam is told to simply follow the setting sun to go west and he walks off again - in the wrong direction but cliffs block him from going west at this location.

Part 3

Another week later a mentally broken man is found in the canyon northeast of Tumbleweed. From the start he rants about random things and refuses to return to civilization. Attempting to coax him results in a gun being drawn from his side. He hurries away saying he will find California.

Part 4

Yet another week has gone by. Along the road south of Tumbleweed a body is found. A feasting vulture will fly off as you approach. Examine Sam's corpse to find a letter and some money.

Take the letter to Armadillo. Walk into the freight station and deliver the letter at the counter.


  • This is another easy mission string.
  • The monetary reward can be $20-$25. To get the full amount of money you'll need to examine his body as quickly as possible upon finding it.
  • The letter can be read in your inventory under "kit". It is a letter to his wife.
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