Red Dead Handheld in the Future?

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Since Rockstar Games has previously released titles for portable systems (see GTAadvance, LCS, VCS, and CW), it seems likely that the Red Dead series will make its way to handheld customers too.


The first question you might think of is "When?" and we have no idea. There have been no hints that this is even happening. Chinatown Wars came up about a year after the release of GTA IV so perhaps next summer we might get word about this- if at all.

"What will the graphics be like? Scaled down regular Red Dead Redemption or like Chinatown Wars?" Chinatown Wars was a new approach for Rockstar and could be their new favorite way of creating portable games with a "fun" sense to them. It is possible we could get a similar looking game to Redemption but all this depends on space limitations.

Which brings us to the size of the map. Liberty City and Vice City Stories were essentially complete remakes of their predecessors but they were older generation games. Chinatown Wars was a simplified version of GTA IV minus Alderney (the last large island to unlock). If the portable game was to be set in the same world as Redemption, it would need to be dramatically smaller- either using only the Eastern portion of the map or a few sections of New Austin. But this is only speculation.

Gameplay-wise I would expect Dead-Eye among other things. I think the mini-games could easily make a return and maybe even a way to connect to your friend's handheld and play some Liar's Dice together. You never know...

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