More Game of Year honors for Red Dead Redemption

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Some more people and organizations are honoring Red Dead Redemption as their Game of the Year. These are all from the United Kingdom.

Jo Whiley and BBC Radio 1 awarded Red Dead Redemption with the honor of #1 GOTY in their top games of 2010 countdown this past weekend:
"It's gaming's first western epic. It's a masterpiece. It's brilliant. It's thrilling. It's exciting. It's funny - and it's my game of 2010."

In yesterday's edition of The Daily Star in the UK, gaming editor Paul Vale also named Red Dead Redemption as their Game of the Year:
"Beautifully rendered, brilliantly scripted... Red Dead Redemption is my top game of 2010."

And at FHM UK, they've awarded two titles as "Games" of the Year:
"Games of the year? Red Dead Redemption and its Undead Nightmare add-on. Easy. We played them hard and often, often and hard. It's the only way. No pretending otherwise."

Congrats Rockstar Games! If you find more top lists or awards for Red Dead Redemption, let us know! Don't forget to posse up in our Red Dead Redemption forums!