RDR Fan Film: The Hanging of Bonnie MacFarlane

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Just because Red Dead Redemption is three years old doesn't mean that there's a shortage of fan art from people still enjoying the game and culture that comes with it. Silk Dog Films has been busy for almost a year creating a short film titled "The Hanging of Bonnie MacFarlane" encompassing some major points of Red Dead Redemption's story - and the alternate history of the story too, it seems. The main influence is the RDR mission "Hanging Bonnie Macfarlane". Check it out below:

Any fan of Red Dead Redemption can appreciate the time and effort put into it. Even the gory gunshot wounds are pretty much in line with the game. Of course there is a sequel in the works. You can find out more about that and Silk Dog Films via YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

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