Red Dead Redemption Claims 4 GANG Awards

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Coinciding with the Game Developers Conference, is the 9th Annual Game Audio Network Guild (GANG) Awards. This year Red Dead Redemption was up for 10 nominations in 9 of the 14 categories but only took home 4 awards. Check them out below:

    +Audio of the Year
    +Music of the Year

    -Sound Design of the Year - Battlefield
    -Best Soundtrack Album - Video Games Live

    +Best Interactive Score
    -Best Cinematic/Cut-Scene Audio - StarCraft
    +Best Dialogue
    -Best Original Instrumental (Main Theme) - James Bond 007
    -Best Original Vocal - Pop (Dead Man's Gun & Far Away) - James Bond 007

Another award not directly to Rockstar was Rookie of the Year which went to Woody Jackson and Bill Elm for their work creating the Red Dead Redemption soundtrack.

More congrats to the Rockstar Games Team! Join the chat in the Red Dead Redemption forums and post any other awards you find we haven't discussed yet!