Pros/Cons: Red Dead Redemption on PC

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Haven't heard a peep or any hints about Red Dead Redemption coming to PC but Rockstar is notoriously tight-lipped about what they're up to so there's still a bit of hope.

In relation to this month's poll seen on the main page, here's a small list of pros and cons to why Red Dead Redemption will/won't come to PC. Be sure to add your own thoughts!


  • Everybody gets a horse - PC gamers get to finally experience Red Dead Redemption for themselves. Great for them.
  • $$$ - Of course this would create revenue for Rockstar Games and Take-Two. Big selling point right there.
  • Mods - Some people seem to confuse modding with hacking and using glitches. But that's another story. Modding by the PC community usually yields some very cool and fun ways to alter in-game models, physics, and other things that make for some great videos.
  • PC Video Editor/Social Club Contests - Many people bought the PC version of GTA IV for the built-in video editor. I'm sure there's tons of people out there (like me) who wish they could record their gameplay and more but don't have the resources. Plus Rockstar could have more contests and prizes! A RDR gaming PC prize would be sweet after looking at the GTA themed ones.


  • Port Issues - GTA IV had a bundle of problems when it came to PC. Some say issues are related to people's specs barely (or not) meeting the minimum requirements. Others say the game was just overly buggy due to a bad port. With so many complaints it seems the second is more true. It is very possible a Red Dead port could face the same fate.
  • Support - Big thing related to the previous, Rockstar would need to support all these new players in general, seeking out cheaters, and helping when Red Dead Redemption isn't acting right in a thousand different ways on people's PCs. No easy task.
  • Piracy - Rampant these days. Many people download illegal copies of PC games instead of buying them. Another thorn in Rockstar's side and more effort they need to put in after release to crack down on piracy.

Rockstar Toronto was responsible for the PC port of Grand Theft Auto IV and Episodes from Liberty City but little is known about what they're up to these days. They could very well be creating Red Dead Redemption on PC. Time will tell.

What do you think? Any other points about a RDR PC version to add? Let us know in the comments below! Also be sure to vote on this month's poll and join us at our new Grand Theft Auto V forums!