Rockstar Event Details: RDR On Xbox February 10th

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Time again to run other RDR fans out of town in the Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer Event taking place tomorrow, February 10th, from 4 to 7 PM Eastern Time US on Xbox LIVE! In addition to a pair of awesome custom controllers up for grabs there is also TRIPLE XP ALL WEEKEND! More details below...


Even if you don't win the grand prize, 20 runners-up will win a t-shirt, playing cards and stickers! Triple XP will be on all weekend, and it kicks off with the multiplayer event. Rockstar is activating the extra XP for both Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network as always.

A live video stream and chat will accompany the sweepstakes on the multiplayer events page, so you'll be able to see and talk about the action even if you aren't able to play.

And watch for Rockstar to unveil the brand new calendar of multiplayer events - including the first dates for the upcoming May release on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360: Max Payne 3!

  • RedDeadDev3 (Live video streaming)
  • RedDeadDev4
  • RedDeadDev5
  • RedDeadDev6

Start up multiplayer from the main menu. This will place you into a Free Roam lobby. Add one of the Gamertags above as a friend, and while you're waiting to receive an invite check out the chat and live stream on the multiplayer events page. Also feel free to play through a few rounds with other players!

Free Roam is the hub of your online experience. Supporting up to 16 players, Free Roam allows you to explore with your friends and enemies, take out the gangs of outlaws launch into more structured gameplay using the markers placed around the world. Rockstar will be forming posses and then heading into several game modes across all of the original multiplayer and the downloadable content during the evening!

To form a posse, press the 'Back' button and use the menu. This menu gives you several gameplay options and access to the list of players in your session.

To start the game, invite your friends, form a posse and find Rockstar, follow these steps:
  1. From the main menu, press 'Start' and then enter 'Xbox LIVE Multiplayer' by pressing the 'X' (blue) button.
  2. Once in a Free Roam lobby, press the 'Back' button to open the in-game multiplayer menu.
  3. Press the 'RB' button and then the 'Y' (yellow) button to 'Invite Friends'. Invite at least one friend into your posse using the 'A' (green) button.
  4. Once your friends are in the game, press the 'Y' (yellow) button again to return to the 'Players' menu and select them with the 'A' (green) button to 'Propose New Posse' or 'Send Posse Invite'.
  5. Once you and your friends are ready to go, start up the game mode Rockstar is currently playing. This can be found in the chat as the event rolls along.

As stated, pay close attention to the chat to know what game mode they're currently playing. And again, look out for a brand new calendar of multiplayer events to continue down 2012 toward Max Payne 3's May launch!

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