Red Dead Delayed for Sweden?

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Swedish (and other) RDR fans cover your ears.

A growing concern is that Red Dead Redemption has been delayed in Sweden and other countries as well. Rumors say it is due to the volcanic ash cloud but in any case a few Swedish retailers plus others have posted new release dates for the 28th; a full week after the expected European release date on the 21st.

Right now it is said to be Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.

You can discuss in our Red Dead Redemption forum topic here along with a growing list of evidence to the dismay of those country's fans. (who might not want to look...)


We just contacted Rockstar Games and we were given this reply, which is also from their blog comments on their official website:

Noticed the comments here speculating about the release date. Red Dead Redemption will be in stores next week in North America on May 18th and throughout Europe on May 21st. Also, just wanted to let our Scandinavian fans know that we are currently having some supply issues specifically with our local Scandinavian distributor, but we are working very hard to resolve this in time for the 21st. We will keep you posted.

So it might not all be doom and gloom just yet. Keep your fingers crossed!