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Rockstar has answered more fan questions with regards to Episodes from Liberty City and Red Dead Redemption. Check out the RDR related Q&A's below.

"This whole posse thing is just what I was hoping for. So is it just up to 16 people in each Free Roam lobby?” - SirRoddick
"I'm wondering can we make up a posse of just two people? In case you just wanna roam around with a friend and not a bunch of people?” - stangbaby89
"R* are we able to join randomly a posse?” - Byside

In Red Dead Redemption's multiplayer, players can create posses of any number of people up to a total of 8 per posse, with 16 players total per session. So if two of you want to head out in your own posse and hunt game, you can. But even if you were in a larger posse, you could still break off to do your own thing - and you would be able to communicate with the rest of your posse through voice chat, no matter where in the world you were. If your posse leader then starts a competitive match, you will automatically be pulled back into the match to rejoin with your posse.

If you see a posse in your Free Roam session that you would like to join, you can request to join the posse using the multiplayer menu.

“Will there be any difficulty setting options for Red Dead Redemption?” - received via Mouthoff

We want players of all skill levels to enjoy Red Dead Redemption. With that in mind, we’ve implemented levels of difficulty into the game that employ different types of auto-aiming. Casual mode gives you a full auto-aim system (and faster regenerating health). Normal mode features snap-to-target with precise aiming using the right stick. Expert mode implements free aim with no lock-on at all. First time we have done this in an open world game, so we will be interested to see what people think having played with each option.

“Do you guys consider Red Dead Redemption a SEQUEL to Revolver, or something else like "spiritual successor" or "followup"?”received via Twitter

Well, it’s definitely not a narrative sequel – more of a spiritual successor as you put it. Exploring the themes of the American West, but now in an open world environment, which we decided while finishing Red Dead Revolver, was the only way to do this subject matter justice.

And some other ones...

“How do you guys come up with character ideas? They are all extremely well done.”ccm731

Thank you! We are fortunate in that we happen to know a lot of freaks, so we tend to just change a couple of details and we’re good to go. (Attention lawyers: That was a joke. All characters are purely the product of our imagination, including all the annoying lawyers.)

"Hey Rockstar, I was just asking if you guys have thought of making a remake of the N64 game ''Space Station: Silicon Valley''. That was an awesome game that a lot of people loved and enjoyed and wish was remaked. I personally loved that game and would wish you guys to remake it. It’s a classic and it deserves to see the light of day again." - received via Mouthoff

Thanks! We loved that game as well. Although it was made shortly before we started Rockstar, we definitely all learned a lot working on that title. The team that made it are somewhat busy, however, as immediately after the game completed they moved from Silicon Valley to making GTA3 and have been working on that particular project ever since!

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