RDR Gaming Tips: Five Finger Fillet and More!

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Since Rockstar is still being flooded with questions, they're releasing more official tips for you to gasp at! Check them out below...

John Marston tries his hand at Five Finger Fillet, one of many tasks needed to achieve 100% completion in Red Dead Redemption.

"Well, there is a challenge I haven't been able to do yet, because I don't know how I can do this. I'm talking about the ´sharpshooter rank 10 challenge. I'm very desperate!" - emmi18176860

For Sharpshooter Rank 10, you're tasked with disarming any six enemies without reloading or changing weapons. One of the more popular methods for this has been to go into a saloon at night, like the one in Armadillo or Thieves' Landing. Get behind cover, equip the Mauser Pistol (bought at the gunsmith on the east side of Blackwater) and aim at someone to get the whole room to draw their weapons. Enter Dead Eye, mark your shots on several guns and fire away.

Entering and leaving Dead Eye will reload your weapons without technically reloading them, allowing you to complete this one with relative ease.

"All I need to do is complete a five finger fillet game to attain 100% but its almost impossible ... what do i do???" - received via Twitter

Head for Torquemada, located high above ground level in Mexico. A nearby hill will lead you to the top. You'll have to defeat four players, each of them requiring you to go through longer Five Finger Fillet sequences than the previous person. While practice is the obvious key here, one of the best methods for controller handling may not be. If you're right-handed, try holding the controller with your left hand and using the index finger on your right hand to press the button combinations. Do this in reverse if you're left-handed.

You'll likely lose some money early on when trying to complete this to get one of the Reyes' Rebels Outfit scraps, so bet low.

"How do you make wanted posters appear? i got only 13/20. Do they appear in specific towns and times of day? #RDR" - received via Twitter

Once you've advanced pretty far into the game, unlocking the last region West Elizabeth, you may notice on the Social Club 100% tracking page that you still have some bounty hunting to do. This may confuse you when you see that there's no sign of wanted posters on your map, represented by a skull icon. In order to get one to show up, visit Armadillo, Blackwater, Chuparosa, El Presidio, Escalera, MacFarlane's Ranch, Manzanita Post and/or Rathskeller Fork during the daytime. It may take a few seconds after entering the town to get one to appear.

Remember that your progress in bounty stats counting toward 100% completion is based on bounty locations, not bounty targets. So even if you’re seeing question marks on posters or get a bounty name you know you’ve already done, that bounty can still be one you’re missing if it’s a location you haven’t done yet.

"I suck at playing horseshoes #reddeadredemption" - received via Twitter

It takes a big man to admit his weaknesses - but this is one you can easily self-improve on. As with Five Finger Fillet, playing Horseshoes is all about practice and getting a feel for how the game is supposed to be won. Head to MacFarlane's Ranch, the place you need to conquer this mini-game in order to get a scrap of the Bollard Twins Outfit as you work toward 100%. Here are some tips:
  • When swinging your arm, get a good, smooth rhythm before releasing. You don't want to throw too short or too far.
  • The in-game camera may re-aim your horizontal direction between throws. Be sure to correct it if it looks to be a bit off.
  • Don't skip a turn. Chances are that the other player will do worse if you watch him throw, rather than if you skipped it altogether.

Horseshoes has been fine-tuned to be a challenging mini-game that's going to require concentration and plenty of practice. And remember that luck is certainly involved in every toss...

"Killing cougars with a knife is HARD!!! The process seems to be roll, slash, die, repeat. Any tips, @RockstarGames? #RedDeadRedemption" - received via Twitter

The Master Hunter Rank 5 challenge is best done in the hills north of MacFarlane's Ranch or in the open plains surrounding Fort Mercer. Before you head there, go to the local doctor in a nearby town such as Armadillo and buy plenty of Medicine. You can carry five unless you have the Treasure Hunter Satchel, only obtained after finding every treasure, which allows you to carry 10.

Ride around on your horse until you find a cougar, usually visible or audible when riding around. Try putting down some Bait if you don't see one. When you find one, shoot it once anywhere but the head to injure it. Get off your horse and equip your hunting knife. Roll out of the way and try to turn around in time to stab. Use Medicine if it mauls you. After you get one, you can choose to go after another one if you still have a good amount of Medicine, or if not it's a good idea to save your game and then return to the area.

That's all for now! If you've been browsing our Red Dead Redemption guides or the Red Dead Redemption forums, you've probably known most of these already! Feel free to post your own tips in the comments below or ask away!