RDR Pre-Order DLC Coming April 12th!

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As we previously reported, the Red Dead Redemption pre-order bonuses are being made available as DLC via Xbox LIVE (80 Microsoft Points each) and PlayStation Network ($.99 each) next week.

Look for them to start appearing for download on the PlayStation Store and Xbox LIVE Marketplace on Tuesday, April 12th. They should be fully available across all territories on both platforms within 24-48 hours thereafter based on the networks' respective update cycles.


The Deadly Assassin Outfit
John Marston's Deadly Assassin outfit causes your Dead Eye meter to regenerate at twice the speed. With more Dead Eye, you have more time to place each shot with total accuracy, making you the deadliest gunslinger in any fight.


The Golden Guns Weapon Pack
Available for use in the Red Dead Redemption Single Player story, the player who wields the Golden Guns receives more Fame for each kill. The more Fame you get, the more in-game side missions become available. So there will be more opportunities to duel, more kidnapped townsfolk to rescue and you can bribe lawmen for less.


The War Horse
There are countless horses to be found in the massive world of Red Dead Redemption, but none is stronger, faster or tougher than the War Horse. Whether storming gang hideouts, exploring the wilderness for hidden treasure, or outrunning the law, the War Horse gives gunslingers an advantage in nearly every situation.

Rockstar sends their apologies to everyone for having to wait so long to get these available as DLC as there were some unanticipated technical delays. Also for those of you inquiring about the expected availability of the L.A. Noire preorder bonuses as DLC after game release, those should become available as DLC much, much sooner.

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