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The Wild West is full of diverse people from many different walks of life. Red Dead Revolver features many unique characters you'll meet on the long journey to revenge.

Red Harlow

Red Dead Revolver's main protagonist. Red is the son of Nate Harlow and Falling Star. He became a bounty hunter following his parents' murders and wants revenge.

Voiced by Robert Bogue

Nate Harlow

Red's father. Former partner of Governor Griffon with their gold claim in the Bear Mountain area.

Voiced by Kurt Rhoads

Morning Star

Red's mother. Native American.

Voiced by Sacred Bow

Annie Stoakes

Sharpshooting woman trying to hold onto her ranch.

Voiced by Carrie Keranen

Bloody Tom

Former butcher turned gang leader.

Voiced by unknown

Buffalo Soldier

An African American cavalryman with explosive musket rounds.

Voiced by Benton Greene

Colonel Daren

General Diego's right-hand man. Has a cannon for an arm.

Voiced by Dennis Ostermeier

General Javier Diego

Former Mexican general turned outlaw with a small militia at his disposal. Captured Governor Griffon and sentenced him to death until a deal was reached.

Voiced by Robert Jimenez

Gigolo Hancock

Member of the Ugly Gang. Possibly killed an old gunslinger in their sleep.

Voiced by Russel Horton


Don't be distracted by his flowing red hair. He's very quick with a gun.

Voiced by Unknown

Governor Griffon

Former gold claim partner of Nate Harlow. Gave up Nate's share to spare his own life.

Voiced by Bert Pence


Member of the Ugly Gang and well suited for them.

Voiced by Unknown

Jack Swift

Gunslinger and gentleman who is quick with a dual-wield.

Voiced by Gregg Martin

Mr. Kelley

A proficient gunslinger employed by Governor Griffon.

Voiced by Joseph Melendez

Pig Josh

Former act of Professor Perry's circus turned outlaw. Great with dynamite.

Voiced by Dennis Ostermaier

Professor Perry

Crazy man who took over O'Leary's Traveling Circus after the owner's death. Perry bottles his own "Miracle Elixir".

Voiced by Geoffrey Arend

Shadow Wolf

Red's Native American cousin. Deadly with knives and flaming arrows.

Voiced by Chaske Spencer

Sheriff Bartlett

Sheriff of Brimstone who provides bounty missions.

Voiced by Gene Jones

Sheriff O'Grady

Sheriff of Widow's Patch but too old and fat to do anything.

Voiced by Unknown

Ugly Chris

Leader of the Ugly Gang. Do we need to state how ugly he is?

Voiced by Erick Devine

William "Whiskey" Treadwell

Member of the Ugly Gang. Grew up as an orphan before taking up crime.

Voiced by Christian Tanno

There are many others you'll interact with in Red Dead Revolver.