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We have minimal official information at this time, however we fully expect some characters from Redemption to make an appearance in Red Dead Redemption 2. As of the second trailer the main protagonist is Arthur Morgan of the Dutch van der Linde gang.

The gang

All in the family

Arthur Morgan

The protagonist of Red Dead Redemption 2. Arthur is second-in-command of the gang. He settles disputes and takes care of his people.

Voiced by Roger Clark

Dutch van der Linde

Leader of the gang. Dutch was formally a businessman but turned to crime to fight what he saw as injustice. Unfortunately, he became worse than what he was fighting against.

Voiced by Benjamin Byron Davis

Abigail Roberts

Former prostitute turned wife of John and mother of Jack. Joined the gang 5-6 years ago.

Voiced by Cali Elizabeth Moore

Bill Williamson

One of Dutch's top guys and a former military man.

Voiced by Steve J. Palmer

Charles Smith

A Native American member of the gang. Can put in a good fist fight and teach you how to hunt.

Voiced by Noshir Dalal

Hosea Matthews

Founder of the gang alongside Dutch. They met when both tried to rob each other.

Voiced by Curzon Dobell

Javier Escuella

A young man providing gun power and musical entertainment.

Voiced by Gabriel Sloyer

John Marston

The most familiar face in RDR2. John is younger and looking for trouble. Dutch saved his life when he was 12 years old and hasn't left his side since.

Voiced by Rob Wiethoff

John "Jack" Marston Jr.

A small child during the events of RDR2. Son of John and Abigail.

Voiced by Marissa Buccianti (younger) / Ted Sutherland (older)

Josiah Trelawny

Conman who can acquire good intel but doesn't always have an exit plan.

Voiced by Stephen Gevedon

Karen Jones

As good at robbing establishments as she is at drinking alcohol.

Voiced by Jo Armeniox

Lenny Summers

Hard worker on the run for killing his father's killers.

Voiced by Harron Atkins

Leopold Strauss

Takes care of the gang's finances. Lends money to desperate people who can't quite keep up with the payments.

Voiced by Howard Pinhasik

Mary-Beth Gaskill

Never trust the nice ones - unless you are on her side.

Voiced by Samantha Strelitz

Micah Bell

One of the better gunman in the gang but a bit of a loose cannon.

Voiced by Peter Blomquist

Molly O'Shea

Dutch's beautiful... woman. We'll just say woman.

Voiced by Penny O'Brien


While he is the gang's cook, he might not be that good at it. Or maybe it depends what animal you bring to him. Or he's just not that good. Former Navy chef.

Voiced by Jim Santangeli

Reverend Swanson

He has lost a lot including his faith. Alcohol and morphine are his favorite hobbies.

Voiced by Sean Haberle

Sadie Adler

Widow and probably the toughest female of the gang. She shares a hatred of the O'Driscolls and wants to see them all dead.

Voiced by Alex McKenna

Sean MacGuire

Another young gunman ready to fight but may not be the brightest.

Voiced by Mick Mellamphy

Susan Grimshaw

Someone needs to bring order to the gang and she'll do it.

Voiced by Kaili Vernoff

Tilly Jackson

She's been in the outlaw life since age 12. Previously with another gang until she killed the leader's cousin.

Voiced by Meeya Davis-Glover


Likely the oldest member of the gang. He's not much of a fighter, and not much of anything else except an alcoholic.

Voiced by James A. McBride


Beau Gray

Grandson of Tavish Gray. He wishes to break away from his family and run off with Penelope Braithwaite, part of a rival family.

Voiced by Bjorn Thorstad

Clay Davies

Horse rustler near Rhodes. Brother of Clive.

Voiced by Kevin Cahoon


Extra guns to help the gang.

Voiced by P.J. Sosko

Clive Davies

Horse rustler near Rhodes. Brother of Clay.

Voiced by N/A

Eagle Flies

Native American from the Wapiti tribe. Son of Chief Rains Fall. Looking for revenge from the industries that took over his people's land.

Voiced by Jeremiah Bitsui

Jamie Gillis

Brother of Mary Linton who joins the Chelonians to escape his hostile, drunk father.

Voiced by Adrian Blake Enscoe


Extra guns to help the gang.

Voiced by Ian Bedford

Mary Linton

Arthur's former lady. Her father is a drunk and her brother Jamie Gillis is a lost soul.

Voiced by Julie Jesneck

Penelope Braithwaite

Young daughter in the Braithwaite family that wishes to break away and run off with Beau Gray, part of a rival family.

Voiced by Alison Barton


Sheriff of Valentine who needs to use a bad guy to catch another bad guy.

Voiced by __________


Andrew Milton

Tough looks and a commanding voice. Federal lawman with his sidekick Edgar Ross.

Voiced by John Hickok

Archer Forham

Youngest federal lawman that joins Edgar Ross.

Voiced by N/A

Archie Downes

Son of the late Mr. Downes, himself and his mother Edith are threatened with eviction when they cannot pay back he gang.

Voiced by Paul Thode

Catherine Braithwaite

Matriarch of the Braithwaite family. Formerly in the cotton business until the abolition of slavery. Now in the moonshine business along with the Lemoyne Raiders. Rival to the Gray family.

Voiced by Ellen Harvey

Chelonian Master

Local leader of Chelonia, a religious cult preaching a better life.

Voiced by Jim Conroy

Colm O'Driscoll

Leader of the O'Driscoll gang. Has had many scores stolen by Dutch.

Voiced by Andrew Berg

Edgar Ross

A younger Edgar Ross following Milton's lead.

Voiced by Jim Bentley

Flaco Hernandez

Fearsome looking. Part of of the ruthless Del Lobo gang.

Voiced by Teddy Canez

Iain Gray

A cousin of Beau Gray and possibly a brother of Scott. Tries to keep Beau inline with Gray family values.

Voiced by Matthew C. Flynn

Leviticus Cornwall

Owner of trains, oil, and other business ventures. A recurring target of the Van der Linde Gang but not always on purpose. Has a stronghold on New Hanover and surrounding areas.

Voiced by John Rue

Mrs. Londonderry

Widow of a coal miner who owed the gang money. Has a small son.

Voiced by Erica Sweany

Scott Gray

Cousin of Beau Gray and possibly a brother of Iain. Attempts to keep Beau inline with the Gray family values.

Voiced by Timothy Dunn

Tavish Gray

Patriarch of the Gray family. Runs a tobacco business. Rival to the Braithwaite family.

Voiced by Madison Arnold


Big man with big anger issues.

Voiced by Tom Spackman


Well dressed gunslinger.

Voiced by __________


Albert Mason

Photographer that feels like he's in purgatory. Wants to capture the country's predators before hunters wipe them out.

Voiced by Matt Walton

Jimmy Brooks

Sees a little more than he should've and has a hard time keeping his mouth shut.

Voiced by Adam McNulty

Hamish Sinclair

aka "The Veteran". Lost his horse - and his leg, but that's another story.

Voiced by Brian O'Neill

Marko Dragic

A mysterious fellow harnessing the power of electricity beyond what anyone thinks is possible.

Voiced by Aaron Phillips


Likely a prostitute.

Voiced by __________


Hefty dude with a flirtatious... wife?

Voiced by __________


The woman as mentioned above.

Voiced by __________


Arthur killed her cousin.

Voiced by __________

There are many other people you'll come across in the towns and vast countrysides of Red Dead Redemption 2.