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Red Dead Revolver was released for the PlayStation 4 on October 11th, 2016 with trophy support included among other enhancements.

There are 13 trophies with no platinum:

  • Red Dead Eye (Bronze) - Complete a chapter with 100% accuracy
  • Quick On The Draw (Bronze) - Win a duel in Story mode
  • Full Boat (Bronze) - Get a Full House in Showdown with Hold 'Em power ups
  • Hats Off (Bronze) - Get six fatal headshots in six consecutive shots with a pistol in Story mode
  • Gunslinger (Bronze) - Get a combo for over $500 in Story mode on any difficulty
  • Untouchable (Bronze) - Complete any chapter on Very Hard without taking damage
  • Historical Account (Bronze) - Complete the Journal
  • Well Provisioned (Bronze) - Unlock all additional content available for purchase in the Shop
  • Out For Blood (Bronze) - Complete every chapter in Bounty Hunter mode
  • Peashooter (Bronze) - Complete the game on Normal difficulty
  • Six Shooter (Silver) - Complete the game on Hard difficulty
  • Sharp Shooter (Gold) - Complete the game on Very Hard difficulty
  • Manny Quinn (Bronze) - Complete a chapter in Red Wood Revolver mode